ExifTool GUI Download

With ExifTool GUI you have with which you can view and modify EXIF, IPTC and XMP data with a graphical interface for the ExifTool. Here you can find ExifTool GUI for free download.


With the ExifTool their metadata from photos can be viewed and edited. The tool is very powerful, but limited by the lack of graphical interface. With ExifTool GUI you can use ExifTool with the mouse.

ExifTool GUI

ExifTool GUI shows you EXIF, IPTC, XMP and other meta data JPEG and RAW photos in a table &# 8211; including all options for processing. The readable metadata includes EXIF ​​data, but also

  • GPS data;
  • IPTC,
  • XMP,
  • JFIF,
  • GeoTIFF,
  • ICC profiles,
  • Photoshop IRB,
  • FlashPix,
  • ID3
  • and AFCP.

Important note: In order for her ExifTool GUI can be used, you have the EXE file of ExifTool in exiftool.exe rename and into the folder the GUI version move. After that you can start the program as usual and get started right away.

Unfortunately Exif tool Gui has not the full functionality of the &# 8220; normal&# 8221; ExifTools without graphical user interface.


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