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The freeware tool PowerOff can shutdown the computer at a preset time, new boats, put on standby and much more.

Sometimes you still have to let some time pass so he is doing a task the PC. After that, he should please go down by itself. With the PowerOff download is easily possible. If the computer that is before the shutdown, for example, nor shall complete a large download, then the small program is used.

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configure PowerOff

PowerOff is portable and can be used from a USB stick. The interface is self-explanatory. The main functions are, of course, the different ways to shut down a computer or restart.

PowerOff turns the PC into a given time fromPowerOff turns the PC into a given time from

You can say that it will unsubscribe you or restart the PC program. It can shut down the computer normally or with &# 8220; Hart from&# 8221; force a shutdown. In addition, the machine can be put into standby mode or wake up. Interesting feature is turn the monitor on or off.

With all these options, there are several options, such as fade in a warning message. This is recommended if your order controls a PC that is used by others. Thus, the users have the option not to save all data before.

As for the timing of the actions of PowerOff download is particularly refined. You can immediately perform the action. This is handy if you make the monitor by pressing a button or want to unsubscribe you. Or you to kill the time control. Then you have the possibility of a time stamp, as well as of a date, a daily appointment or on certain days of each month.
And then there is the possibility to restart the computer or shut down when a selected process continues. If it is, for example, finished so to rip a DVD. Once the PC has done its job, the computer shuts down. More suitable for admins and useful is the option to shut down and computers on the network or restart. Unfortunately, this goes only for one computer and not the same for multiple users. PowerOff lets you also save for later use, so you do not always have to choose everything new wine positions.

  • many functions
  • network capable
  • portable
  • No

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