Facebook still free: Fake message claiming social network is charged

Currently make again misreporting on the largest social network wide. For example, some users want to have got wind that Facebook from &# 8220; tomorrow&# 8221; to be charged and to charge fees for usage. The exact payment information you should also am &# 8220; tomorrow&# 8221; get day. What it has and with the fake message on her like you can be sure Facebook also weitehrhin is free, we'll tell you in this guide.

Facebook still free: Fake message claiming social network is charged

As so often with the &# 8220; funny&# 8221; Chain letters and hoax messages on Facebook, is also the reporting of possibly incurred costs for the social network again only a fake. The message is not even new, and already circulating for weeks in the English language on Facebook about how the Berliner Kurier reported. After a not necessarily successful translation she does now but also an increasing number of German profiles wide. Do not let you put panic and also know your friends, acquaintances and relatives out that this is a fake. Facebook is still available for free!

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Facebook still free!

The current repeatedly split status is as follows:

NOTE: Tomorrow morning, when you log into Facebook, you will receive a payment information&# 8230; it is official&# 8230; it was even on the news. Facebook will now require fees&# 8230; because of the cost of the profiles. If you post this text as your status to your status icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you&# 8230; Copy this text as your status.

The copy of this statement, however, does not benefit anyone, except that their unsettled even more people. Neither any private member has received a demand for payment for the normal use of Facebook, nor reported on alleged charges in the news. And also your status icon changes no piece if you copy this text and posts himself. Facebook itself writes on his side to help:

Facebook is a toll-free site and will never ask for any use of the site in the future fees.

The only exception to this are purchases that makes you automatically via games, apps or other products on Facebook. The normal use of Facebook is and remains free!

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More Facebook Hoaxes

Lately, especially many false reports about the social network seems to be divided. If anything shocking read, you should therefore always on the safe side and not just share the message. Look previously always only from reputable sources (newspapers, magazines, etc.) to see whether this is a genuine message.

Again and again stars and celebrities are supposed to be dead, politicians come suddenly back or your data from Facebook will be made available to the general public&# 8230; As you may know hoaxes same, we tell you about this in our article: What is a hoax and where you can expose him?

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