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Who sits all day in the office, is often not as active as it should be. To see how many steps you are already running a day and thus to gain a basic level of activity, particularly useful pedometer. Meanwhile, smartphones and fitness bracelets can take on these tasks, but there are still the classic step counter and pedometer. What benefits they have and whether they are even today still worthwhile, we reveal in our test.

Pedometer test - Four Pedometer comparedSource: Thomas Zsebok

Classic pedometer and step counters are compared to modern smartphones, though not all-rounder, as special products they have smartphones and fitness trackers but well ahead. In most cases, they are fastened by a clip on the pocket or shirt pocket and have sensitive motion sensors that are able to track very accurately steps while keeping score no vibrations. Some fitness tracker is criticized time and again that they also count steps while brushing your teeth. Which classic Pedometer pay off and help you in monitoring your step amount, you will find out in the pedometer test.

This can bring a pedometer

With a pedometer, many people are trying to be active and challenge themselves. You can set goals and then achieve them ideally with the device - for many people this is exactly the motivation they need to live something healthy and active. The fact that some devices also calculate how many calories burned her on the day of your activities, you also get the hint if you have passed the candy bar from noon again in the evening. Many pedometer users pay more attention to their daily exercise and take time taking the stairs instead of the elevator, so that they get their daily goals.

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Pedometer test: functional

Who does not want to rely on his smartphone and does not trust the accuracy of fitness bracelets, but it wants to be careful how many steps a day are made, which should think about purchasing a pedometer. Just because pedometer need not be all-rounders and specialize in a function, they are still very popular among fitness enthusiasts. The modern equipment can thereby more than one would guess, so tracken and analyze even the sleep of the wearer and thus give more insight into the activity profile of the user.

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Pedometer test: More than a smartphone?

The question of whether pedometer are closer than smartphones, you can not answer so sweeping. There are many smart phone manufacturers as well as numerous pedometer manufacturers - it all depends on the built-in technology. Pedometer can also utilize different techniques for counting and vary accordingly also in accuracy.

  • In mechanical pedometers a metal ball and a toggle switch for counting the steps is used. At each step, changed its position and the device calculates the movements of the metal ball into spilled steps to. However, it comes with this type of pedometer often greater deviations because the ball can also trigger other movements the toggle switch. Thus, there is deviations up to 10 percent - quite a high figure.
  • Electronic pedometer contrast, work with a micro-electro-mechanical system that can be abbreviated short with MEMS. Every move is recorded there in three dimensions. The advantage is that devices do not draw any vibration as a step and are thus more accurate than the mechanical competing products in many cases.

next to some pedometer also use an app to provide an overview of the way past steps and calories burned.

Pedometer and pedometer at a glance

Incutex solarCSX pedometermedisana VifitBeurer AS 50
price10.99 euro19.99 euro30.50 euro39,95 euro
sensor technology2D sensors3D sensors3D sensors3D sensors
mass 41 g27 g28 g76 g
  • stores data up to seven days
  • LCD display
  • measures spilled steps, kilometers and calories burned
  • stores data up to seven days
  • step goals
  • 10-step error correction
  • stores data up to 15 days
  • OLED display
  • Bracelet for sleep analysis
  • easy handling
  • stores data up to 14 days
  • also features calorie consumption
battery packSolarLithium BatteryLithium Ion BatteryLithium Battery
  • Lowest Price
  • easy handling
  • requires no batteries
  • 3D sensor technology
  • easy handling
  • Activity Tracker and sleep analysis
  • App allows a view of detailed statistics
  • accurate sensor
  • modern design
  • reward system
  • App allows a view of detailed statistics
  • simple design
  • can be worn with bracelet on her wrist
  • Design looks cheap
  • only 2D sensor
  • batteries required
  • close connection to PC software
  • severe pedometer in the test
  • highest price
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Pedometer test: The verdict

As one might expect, is noticeable the increasing price for the devices from Beurer and Vifit in features. Both devices provide on the respective apps insight on your activity profile and motivate with additional features such as the reward system or the ability to view the exact calorie consumption. In addition, you may also claim that they have the most appealing appearance in the starting field. I particularly like the simple Vifot pedometer. also is it is the only device on the ability to record and sleep behavior. For this he is very easy and appealing processed &# 8211; the clear winner of our tests and real competition for the numerous fitness trackers to flood the market right.

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