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If we do not know something, we google it. Whether we also use Bing or Yahoo, the most popular search engine of the Germans is still Google and this company has also coined the verb with which we describe our internet research. But how Google works exactly and what happens when we google? A clear explanation offers you this article.

How does Google? Simple & amp; clearly explained

Professionals who are professionally dependent on a good Google ranking, keep themselves up to date on how Google works. But also for people who run a small website or a blog or even just as a user looking for the best products, it is very interesting to know how the search engine works.

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For then to upload your content to optimize (SEO), to be positioned on the top places of the ranking or better can you see through as a user and assess why their particular product is on the top places on Google. The literature on the subject of search engine optimization can fill entire libraries, many agencies are concerned with nothing else. Google itself has launched a 32-page introduction to the market that you can still be recommended at this point if you want to delve deeper into the matter. Here you can now find a brief explanation of the operation of Google in brief overview.

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The search. By John Battelle*

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How does Google? Indexer

Google wants to satisfy its users, which has the highest priority. People are happy when they do not have to google for hours but most found right on the first page the answer to her current question. Therefore, we must succeed Google to investigate the sites available on the Internet and its relevance to the reader in terms of the search word in the best possible determine.

The first step is therefore ever to screen the offer, so to surf through the pages on the Internet. People were there overwhelmed rapidly, therefore, Google uses a Googlebots even crawler or spider called the indexed by surfing the net and permanent sites. A few years ago, these were already daily billions of websites. Google gives to no more numbers to the public, but they are certainly not diminished. Only pages that have been crawled and indexed by Google, can be displayed as search results. This means that you will experience on Google no real-time search, but gets pages that have been tested previously and indexed. Google shows up also in the upper left, how many texts were indexed on the subject.

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So Google sorts the indexed pages by relevance

Once the crawler has done its job and the pages were indexed, they must be sorted according to their relevance for the reader, this process is called ranking. In this ranking, now the famous and sometimes dreaded Google algorithm comes into play. Among them one can easily understand the first collection of all the criteria that text a &# 8211; based on a keyword (Keyword) &# 8211; make for Google to relevant content. We play this by using an example and take the keyword &# 8220; retrofit Ambilight&# 8221 ;, which comes to a total of 7950 hits on Google.

  • The keyword is present throughout the text and runs like a red thread through the page. This means you can find it in the first paragraph, in the main and sub-headings &# 8211; So in all major parts of text. Google then assumes that the text on the subject must have a certain relevance.
Google ranking for ambilight retrofitted as such as Google worksGIGA has done everything right and climbs with a competent product on top!
  • The keyword is linked in the text to internal pages of the website &# 8211; So is linked organically with other texts on the page. This includes Google, that text also still on the page, except for the more expert content that is relevant to the user.
  • The keyword was linked to by other, so external sites. If these sites also have a relevance to the topic, Google assumes that the content has to be very relevant, as well as other pages refer to it. The latter can be the author and do not influence meant that many sites operators have purchased such external links.

Search engine optimization on DVD-ROM*

Google separates the wheat from the chaff: Good content is recognized increasingly important and always better

This list of criteria is not exhaustive of course, but it describes the core of the whole. As many of you know perhaps, Google works constantly to improve the criteria and the algorithm. And the updates with the cute names like Hummingbird, Penguin or Panda, also provide for established brands and portals for fear and terror. Over time, the importance of different criteria has in fact shifted, since Google's success depends on selecting relevant content for the user and to satisfy them.

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Therefore, it was no longer enough long to rely on building links and the reputation of the page, because without quality content you can barely land on the front seats. Nevertheless, but that does not mean that the article on the second or third page are content scrap. It can only mean also first that the authors have not sufficiently dealt with SEO or write on one side whose range is rather low and their classification system is not particularly successful, so that the crawler maybe can not even find the page.

Even more Google features?

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