Clear iPhone: completely remove data

In the annual cycle, there is at least one new smartphone from Apple, this year z. As the iPhone 7. To stay up-to-date over and at the same time wants to open an iPhone museum at home, can of course continue to sell his old unit. Before the sale should delete all personal information from the iPhone, so the buyer can take the device with the factory settings in reception.

Find out here how you can remove it from your iPhone all the data and how you reset the Apple smartphone.

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delete data from the iPhone: How it works

Deleting the iPhone data also recommended if the phone is not working properly or permanently crashes. Errors and problems can be fixed by removing erroneous files and clean re-loading of the operating system. So the iPhone is like new:

  1. Preliminary one should backup the iPhone data. Deletes any data associated with the iCloud, manually. Contacts are deleted from the iPhone, they also disappear from the iCloud, this should still be associated with the device.
  2. First, the connection of the iCloud with the device must be disconnected. Opens this the settings and choose "iCloud". Here, the "unsubscribe" option be selected.
  3. Then choose "Delete from iPhone" and sign up one with your password.
  4. Now the personal data can be deleted from the iPhone. Select this in the settings "General".
  5. Selected via the "Reset" the "Content Option & Clear settings ". Have you activated the locator feature "Find My iPhone", you must confirm by entering a password you your Apple ID.
  6. Give, optionally, a device or the restriction code. Selects finally "Delete device".
  7. Now all available on the iPhone data and settings will be deleted.

Clear iPhone: completely remove data

Under certain circumstances, the mobile operator should be informed of a resale of the unit to z. B. To clear the connection between the iPhone and the SIM card.

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completely delete iPhone and restore it

In addition, you can restore iOS to delete all data completely. Connects iPhone this with the PC or Mac and open iTunes. If the device was detected in the Apple management program selects this option, and controls the "iPhone / iPad restore" on. The latest iOS version is re-installed on the device. can remove it from the list of associated with the own Apple account devices via the device management in iTunes to the iPhone also.

Clear iPhone: completely remove data

Did you forget to delete or the data was stolen iPhone or stolen, you can delete the data from a distance. The requirement is that the device is still connected with the iCloud and "Find My iPhone" has been set previously. About iCloud you can select the appropriate device and perform the function to delete the data or reset the iPhone.

Resetting without entering the Apple ID is not readily possible. This is to prevent thieves, the device can simply reset to resell the iPhone for example. Read also with us, you can do when you have forgotten the code from the iPhone.

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