Zelda – Breath of the Wild: Hylian Shield – so you can find the best shield

The legendary Hylian Shield must for every Zelda part and so you find the best shield in the game, of course, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game. However, you'll get in the role play no indication of his location, otherwise fall than in the master sword, which you can also acquire. Therefore, we show you the location of the Hylian Shield in the video.

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Of the Hylian Shield is not without reason the best shield in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He has one Parierkraft 90 and the Durability is 800. These are stunning results, considering that the second best shield in the game has a shelf life of only 65th Of the Locality of Hylian Shield is it in Hyrule Castle. The exact way you see in the following video.

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Zelda &# 8211; Breath of the Wild: So you find the Hylian Shield

At the latest before you the you Boss in Zelda: Breath of the Wild provides, you should take a the Hylian Shield to get. Together with the Master Sword and good armor are then that prepared her perfectly. But just this venture will not, because the Hylian Shield is located in Hyrule Castle, populated by guards, drones and guns.

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Specifically, you have the Dungeons of Hyrule Castle, we have marked on the map below for you.

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-Hylian Shield-location-map

find dungeons and defeat steel inox

The Hylian Shield is located in a chest in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle. this is west of the throne room at the first level and it comes with very good here Revalis storm in (gets to its Vah-Medoh). It catapults you into the air, and so can you slide directly to the dungeon entrance.

The Metal gate at the prison entrance can you with the Cyromodul lifting, a wherein block of ice the gate aufstemmt. Now you've got to by a long corridor go, which is full of enemies, where you can also just run past a pinch. At the end of the hallway you can a enter cell, in the Boss steel inox waiting for you.

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-Hylian Shield-find kerkerwegAt the end of the corridor on the right to wait in the cell steel inox and the Hylian Shield.

The Chest with the Hylian Shield appears here only if you steel inox You defeated. Observed in the fight following things.

  • has steel inox LP 1000 and his Weakness is his eye.
  • So aim with arrows on the eye or comes in close combat. A charged Doppelhänderattacke about steel inox should quickly bring to case.
  • Once he's down, you have to attack his eye, to defeat him for good.
  • You are too slow, the boss grabs again his eye and puts it into his skull, and he something regenerated life.

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is a way, steel inox unique opponents, whom you can not find a second time in the game. Did you beat him, you can his valuable collect loot and you your chest from the now published Hylian Shield to take. in the video above, we show you the whole process again in detail.

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-Hylian Shield-valuesThere's the thing! The Hylian Shield is the best in the game.

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