SoundCloud offline playback on Android, iPhone and PC – Here’s how

You can use SoundCloud offline? As an app to listen to music via your phone SoundCloud is extremely popular &# 8211; yet many users are missing the opportunity to download individual tracks for download and listen offline, if just there is no Internet connection. We show you how to know how to use offline her a small detour SoundCloud.

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SoundCloud is an online music service that lets you easily and free listen to music by various artists on the smartphone or can even upload your own tracks. Since the service started in 2007 Soundcloud has become a popular way to listen to music online. Many users complain about only one thing: the missing option SoundCloud to use offline. In the meantime, there was the feature times, with an update but it was canceled again. What can you do?

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SoundCloud offline &# 8211; Download playlist: Find it&# 8217; s free

Recently introduced Soundcloud before the paid additional service Soundcloud Go. With the subscription service, there are 125 million additional songs and you can take Soundcloud Go playlists and listen offline. However, costs money, as well as the service currently is available only in the US. But there are several other ways songs from SoundCloud also listen offline:

  1. Your installed you download an older version of SoundCloud, the have the offline feature.
  2. You use different apps to download the playlists on your computer or on your smartphone.

We tell you in the next section both. Lest us also well as recognize their music and songs can be found on the PC or smartphone.

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SoundCloud offline use: install Older Version

As mentioned above, the offline feature was in earlier versions of sound cloud. This was around the so-called music caching, which automatically backs up music and makes it available for playback. So you get yourself the older version back:

  1. Uninstalled first, the current version of the SoundCloud app. For this you go to Preferences and then the app manager.
  2. Now you invite you the APK of the older version 2.15.02 to your PC and then copy them to the SD card of your smartphone.
  3. If not already done, you have now on your mobile device in the settings. Selects the Security menu, select unknown sources Allow.
  4. Addiction then the APK in the file manager and then install the app.
  5. If you have problems you take a look at this article: install APK &# 8211; Files without Google Play Store on Android.

After that, the music-caching function should again be available and you can your songs via Soundcloud play offline.

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use SoundCloud offline apps &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

If you the above way too complicated, you can watch the songs from SoundCloud with various apps (or sites) to store and then later listen without an internet connection.

  • A handy app that does exactly the My Cloud Player is: SoundCloud player and downloader with Chromecast support&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>My Cloud Player: So you can download songs and playlists you and listen offline.
  • Another good alternative is simply called Cloud Downloader.
  • On the website Sound drain it also can save your favorite music from SoundCloud: Adds this, type the SoundCloud link into the space provided and then click Download.
  • The file will be downloaded in MP3 format and can then be consulted on any device that supports MP3.

Remains only one question: Can you download any songs from SoundCloud? Read this this article: SoundCloud &# 8211; Is to download songs legally?

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