Silent Hills: Disturbing audio files let you P. T. do not forget

There are things that we can not complete and P. T. so simple, the demo for Silent Hills is definitely one. Now people have more and dug in the demo on the data found some audio files that are quite unnerving even without a picture to do so.

7205Silent Hills - Tokyo Game Show Trailer

When Hideo Kojima and Konami have separated, this was the same time also the end for Silent Hills - even though the reactions to the playable P. T. teasers were fantastic. After the series had a lot of criticism in previous years, there was finally enthusiasm for Silent Hill. Published for Gamescom 2014 Demo employs more than two years later, still male and female players around the world.

Rise of a sub-genres: the horror legacy of Silent Hills

Finally, the demo was taken apart again while users have found, among others, a few character models. But that was not the only one, because there was a creepy Fund in the records of P. T., who has also supported new material to light: audio snippets with creepy and disturbing voices. Most of these sounds should at least not be completely known. You can listen to you the things in the following clip from YouTube users AestheticGamer. However, it lacks the baby cries and the monologues of the son, but it is a way to avoid having to let go.

Hideo Kojima is working on Death Stranding for PC and PlayStation 4. The game is created as already Silent Hills in collaboration with Guillermo
del Toro and Norman Reedus. Last weekend, another trailer for the game was shown, which was also very disturbing.

Source: NeoGAF via Destructoid


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