There Excel exercises with solutions

A computer everyday without Excel is almost unthinkable. The spreadsheet allows juggling with facts and figures in many ways and with a highly functional scope. Anyone who wants to polish his knowledge, find the best sources for Excel exercises here.

There Excel exercises with solutions

Excel allows, among others, the creation of

  • charts
  • complex tables
  • Calculations of all kinds

There Excel exercises with solutions

So you can find Excel exercises with solutions

In the web site of computer training course you Excel exercises get from many areas. The tasks are described in detail. Of course, here too a solution can be displayed. The Excel training courses are organized into different categories so that their example. can perform as Excel exercises for functions, cell formatting or data processing. Beginners will also find a description of "the first steps" and the desktop in Excel. IT training course also provides exercises for the use of various types of functions such as radius, average or root functions. The creation date is discussed

Excel exercises in IT course*

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Excel exercises with solutions to download

Computertraining4you has also prepared a rich arsenal of training exercises for Excel. Here you will find courses for:

  • Basics
  • basic knowledge
  • Entry, lists, formats
  • output
  • Fomeln and references
  • Other formulas
  • features
  • More functions
  • diagrams
  • Finding and correcting
  • total exercises

Who also wants to deepen his knowledge of Excel on the journey, in the waiting room or as Klolektüre, can price-Order documents on the portal in paper form.

Excel at Computertraining4you*

Gallery Microsoft Excel 2013

  • (Figure 1.6):table leaf-under-microsoft-excel-2013
  • (Figure 6.2):template-under-microsoft-excel-2013
  • (Figure 3.6):charts-under-microsoft-excel-2013
  • (Figure 4.6):Microsoft Excel 2013 templates - templates for Microsoft Excel 2013
  • (Figure 6.5):Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet - spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2013
  • (Figure 6.6):Microsoft Excel 2013 charts - charts in Microsoft Excel 2013

Excel exercises with solutions

Who only now and works with Excel and needed first aid in solving problems, is also with us detailed and illustrated instructions for Excel problems and -Fragestellungen:

  • Excel: fixed line and retain data when scrolling in sight
  • Excel: cause line breaks in a row
  • Excel: Creating Charts
  • Write mean characters with the keyboard in Word, Excel and Co.

We have also prepared a series of Excel templates for you. Here you have no functions own more put together, but you can only enter your data while in the table all the important formulas are already set in the background:

  • Excel expense report
  • World Cup 2014 betting game for Excel
  • Vacation Planner for Excel
  • Timekeeping for Excel
  • Excel Weekly Planner


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