Shrek 5 will appear in 2019 – but it is a reboot?

After the ogre has nearly a decade finally get his well-deserved rest, Shrek is to return with his fifth movie adventure in 2019 on the big screen. But with such a large distance and a story that was actually already told to an end, the question remains: Where to start with a Shrek 5 or is a reboot of the film series might be the better option?

DreamWorks Shrek 2001 was a true success Shit: A successful parody of the typical Disney tales that came along with amazing 3D animation technology. From the ingenious idea of ​​a multibillion dollar franchise that but lost with its sequels gradually momentum was. The fourth part of the series "Shrek Forever After" was published in 2010 and should - as the title implies - for the time being the end of the animated films about the green ogre (and now even his family) represent.

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Shrek 5 comes in 2019 in the cinemas

Already 2014, expressed the then CEO of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, confident regarding possible Shrek sequels, as reported MovieWeb:

We want the matter indulge peace for a while, but I think you can trust that there will be another chapter in the Shrek series. We are not ready and more importantly: He is not ready yet.

Since then a lot has happened - including DreamWorks was acquired by Universal for more than 3 billion US dollars. With Universal's support should so every year two big movies from DreamWorks appear in the cinema and the famous brands expanded as possible, and new series to start.

In July 2016 Universal and DreamWorks announced finally that it provide concrete plans for a Shrek 5 and the film already 2019 on the big screen will be shown. To the authors counting Michael McCullers (The Boss Baby, Austin Powers 2 & 3) Mike Mitchell (Shrek Forever After, Trolls) and William Steig (Shrek series). Even Shrek veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg (Chicken Run, The Road to El Dorado) is involved as executive producer on Shrek. 5

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Shrek 5 - screenwriter on "reboot" the series

In an interview with our colleagues at The Hollywood Reporter screenwriter Michael McCullers talked about Shrek 5 and not auskäme the series that has created many well-known and especially popular figures without rebooting:

Shrek 5 is in the works. I finished the script, which I really, really, really love. It really is something personal for me. [...] A restart was somehow necessary. There were four movies and a lot of material, so the characters have grown many fond and there also are great characters, but have to think at this point also to new approaches.

McCullers does not take the word "reboot" While in the mouth, although a certain "restart" with Shrek seems to take place. 5 Once we know more story, characters and other details, learn it natural at GIGA.

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Shrek the stream

Those who wish to join the fifth part of the series, can acquire the Shrek movies and sometimes the little specials on numerous video-on-demand providers digitally. Among other things, you get the Shrek parts on Amazon *Shrek 5 will appear in 2019 - but it is a reboot?, iTunes *Shrek 5 will appear in 2019 - but it is a reboot? or Juke *Shrek 5 will appear in 2019 - but it is a reboot?. Anyone who owns a Netflix subscription, the four major films "Tales from the Swamp" and the spin-off movie "Puss in Boots" and its series adaptation can also watch free of charge.

Are you looking forward to the fifth part of the belching green monster, which became the family ogre? And you wish for a normal continuation or a complete reboot of the series? Let us know in the comments.

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