Beautiful television: series and movies for free streamen- Is this legal?

The streaming and online TV portal Beautiful television shows great Offered by TV series, documentaries and films. All well and good, but is Beautiful TV legally as users or makes you look through the streaming even a crime?

Beautiful television: series and movies for free streamen- Is this legal?

You want to watch TV online, while most like to pay anything? It's only understandable, but you've asked you before the question of whether this is even legal? We have researched and now deliver you here the answer for

Is Beautiful TV legal?

kino-to-lockSince It's official: The streaming of copyrighted content without permission is illegal. Anyone looking at illegal content in the stream, small amounts of data downloads and makes thereby automatically punishable. After downloading and copying (§ 16 para. 1 of the Copyright Act) of copyrighted content that do not originate from the copyright owner, makes you automatically a criminal.

But wait ...

How do you know because when content is illegal? This is precisely why watching streams on the internet is still a gray area, will not be prosecuted in their (at least until now), unless you know the legality of the offering side. Reason (1 § 53 para. 1 sentence Copyright Act), the right to private copying, which is not precisely defined what content as &# 8220; manifestly unlawful prepared template&# 8221; be valid.

But how can you know that?

You can not actually. The provider is responsible in the first instance to examine its contents on legality, that is to rely on the consent of the television station or rights holders that allow you to stream the material.

beautiful watch TV legally

What is noticeable in Beautiful television that there are no pay-TV channels here. All TV channels that are freely available in Germany, can also be viewed here. In addition, no movies are offered that are not yet publicly available, as was the case for example the case.

see now legally movies and series for free on Magine*

The question of whether Beautiful television is legal or not, must be answered with a clear NO yet. Although Beautiful television as other providers of movie and series streaming of public TV stations moved in a gray area (which it but only for users &# 8220; halfway&# 8221; would have made sure not for the vendors themselves), but a simple fact also makes the benefits of the portal AND the Android app punishable and illegal.

Beautiful television is illegal because&# 8230;

television beautiful p2pBeautiful-TV: Through the P2P method you make yourselves punishable. So the warnings are only a matter of time

Users of Beautiful television need to view a stream, agree to a P2P method. Since the temporary storage of copyrighted content that offers Beautiful television, only ever &# 8220; semi-legal&# 8221; is (see above), the benefits of peer-to-peer connection in connection with such content is anything but legal. Because then the user is itself a provider of illegal data and thus makes no uncertain terms, punishable.174751Pirates - Respect Copyrights - GIGA

May come the warnings. Hands off!


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