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In this country, observed only by a small core of hardcore fans, are offshoots of the Football Manager series worldwide ever among the most played games. The current portion of FM 2015 adheres since its release in November in the top 10 of the most played games on Steam. That Football Manager 2016 release No wonder only a matter of time.

Of course, it is still too early to have come up with a feature list from the 2016th Still, there are the first information on the first developments.

Football Manager 2016: New in the 2015er version

The team at Sports Interactive holds traditionally back with the long advance notice of new features. An innovation it seems the developers, however, have so impressed that you do not want to hold back this. Already in the current part of the player animations have been enhanced with motion capture. This year also the manager or coach animations to be revamped. How it should look, is a developer video from the studio on YouTube:

Miles Jacobson, responsible for the Football Manager series, thinks even that Football Manager now even carry "Manager" title Football and the heads on the sidelines should be the focus at least as much as the players themselves. Jacobson could not anticipate yourself how the new movements will behave, but he sees the result as "almost unbelievable" to,

Football Manager 2016: Video shows coach animations

After EA Sports has set the football manager series, in Germany there are only "a great chance" as a game in which you can guide the fortunes of a football club. Since the Football Manager contains the Bundesliga, the German license for publications is, however, still with EA Sports, the Football Manager in this country neither the store nor on Steam available, but can only be played as an import version. The release of Football Manager 2016 will probably be similar to the predecessor again in November of this year.

Who wants to dive deeper into the FM community, should stop by the Master Trainer Forum.

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