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To bring the pay-TV program on the TV, you have the cable for the TV signal through connect to a receiver, and then to bring it to the TV. However, not everyone wants to have available an additional device in the living room or TV room. This raises the question of whether one can use Sky without receiver.

Usually the receiver is equal to be delivered on the contract with the pay TV provider. The device not only allows the playback of TV-channels, but all the programs that are included in their own TV connection. With the Sky + inch HD receiver, you can even record programs and view at a later date.

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Sky received without receiver online or CI + module

The receiver works together with the smart card that is inserted into the device.

  • Upon receipt of the Sky program, one should note that the use is restricted to certified Sky devices.
  • It can thus, similar as in current routers, not just a desire device are selected.
  • In addition, the Sky smart card must match the receiver "paired", are thus connected.
  • Depending on the reception, so cable or satellite, also another receiver is necessary. In the case of a move and an associated signal change, such as the device must be replaced.

Who wants to completely do without a Sky receiver, has some alternatives:

  • To receive Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema and Co. you can also use a CI + module.
  • Has its TV with a CI + slot, so you can use Sky without receiver.
  • Here, too, however, a certified by Sky and posed available device is provided.
  • All information about the order and the cost of the Sky CI + module, we have outlined elsewhere for you.
Sky received without receiver: how it workswithout receiver with CI + module offer Sky Sky ©

Sky received without receiver

If you have a valid Sky subscription, you can receive beyond without receiver via Sky Go broadcasts and programs. Sky Go Sky brings you the live stream on the screen.

  • With Sky Go Sky you can see without receiver on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone and tablets.
  • No additional costs are incurred for Sky customers.
  • A disclosure of the access for Sky Go, for. B. to friends and relatives is not permitted and is punishable by a penalty.

On the web there are always points of contact, who want to offer you Sky without receiver "under the table". Of these, one should refrain, however, Sky is happening clamp down on such deals. Most recently, a provider that Sky has distributed per card sharing, sentenced on probation. Moreover, a portal from the BKA was busted recently that offered illegal Sky additions without receiver at a discounted price.

Sky received without receiver: how it worksSky Go brings you the Sky program online at the screen

With us you also learn what you can do when the Sky receiver does not start.

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