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At a worthy successor to the FPS classic, the fans have been waiting for. Doom (2016) on the shelves and waiting for you close the gates of hell again, have opened the derailed experiments once. Runs Doom is not so round on your PC, we'll tell you in this guide on how you can increase the FPS.

Very recently, Doom developer id Software and hardware maker Nvidia, the new graphics card and showed that Doom also quite with 120 to 200 FPS can run. Now, of course, not every PC player has a graphics card Worth over 500 € installed in the computer. Should not run Doom graphically right with you, we show you here how you get your increase FPS can.

See here the launch trailer for Doom:

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Doom &# 8211; increase FPS: So you bolted to the frame rate

FPS stands for frames per second and is the frame rate. This unit shows you how many images or image frames can be displayed per second. If the number is particularly low, for example below 30 FPS at a shooter, hooked the image and stops short.

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Before you try the following steps to increase the FPS in Doom, you should take a look at the system requirements. Creates your PC minimum requirements, higher the probability that Doom runs through the following tips smoother and better. also noted that a Doom uses its own engine called id Tech 6, the id Software developed for their own games. It is not as flexible as other engines, so the FPS and performance increase will take longer. We tell you in the next paragraph, step by step, you have to do to the performance Doom to tune.

To see the monster at the right moment, you need a performance boost.To see the monster at the right moment, you need a performance boost.

increase performance and FPS &# 8211; That you have to do

To increase the performance in Doom, the following steps followed:

  1. Navigate to the folder C: \ Users \ NAME \ Saved Games \ id Software \ DOOM \ base. As NAME it uses the name of your computer in thought. The Saved Games folder may be hidden with you. As you hidden folders in Windows can visualize, you read elsewhere.
  2. Here you will find a file called DOOMConfig.cfg. Opens it for example with the editor.
  3. Scroll all the way down and noticed the text that is under // =========. Only here, the graphic parameters can be found.
  4. It lists only graphic basics. You can, however, change the parameters to screw in the performance.
Here you can adjust the height and width of the screen.Here you can adjust the height and width of the screen.

In addition, you can watch the Change shader, to get more out of Doom. This makes it as follows:

  1. Opens Steam and performs a right-click on Doom made in your games library.
  2. Click on Properties and select set in the General tab now boot options.
  3. Here you can find an empty field in front, which ye now typing the following: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4
  4. ALLAVAILABLECORES takes you about 6 FPS more, while the shader 4 promises a performance boost on older graphics cards.

Tips and tricks in the Beginner's Guide to Doom

Has all this brought anything, can you in the game other improvements make to get more FPS. Start the game and click on Settings:

  • Under video you can first the resolution change or collapse.
  • switches Vertical Sync in order to play more smoothly.
  • Also, you can under Antialiasing perform additional functions. Each step down (e.g., from TSSAA to SMAA to FXAA etc.) brings you about 5 to 8 FPS more. TSSAA is only recommended with powerful Nvidia cards.
  • Even turning off the motion blur brings you more performance. May you not the effect and turns it off, brings you the one about 3 FPS.
  • Now go to the advanced settings under Video. Bolted down the resolution scaling, if you have an older PC, provided you do not mind the effect.
  • reduces the Shadow Quality. For each degree Down here you get about 4 FPS more.
  • 2 FPS more get, when you turn off your own shadow.
  • The reflection quality can mean a lot. Switches their it completely, you will receive approximately 8 to 10 FPS.
  • The particle quality saves you only noticeable performance if you own a Nvidia graphics card.
  • Reduced their other settings on this tab, you will only to gain one or two FPS.

Nightmare settings of Doom for high-performance PCs

Has it a particularly powerful PC, the Nightmare settings recommended by Doom for you. They were inserted by the developer, so you can get even more graphically of Doom. So you now have virtual Texturing- and shadow resolutions that you pixel pattern with an edge length of 16k x 16k Offer. But need only the shadow maps one GB of video memory. Has its one Graphics card with up to 4 GB, could you &# 8220; only&# 8221; make the Ultra setting. If you the Nightmare setting not displayed, you can activate this:

  1. Opens Doom and navigate to the settings.
  2. Found under Advanced no Nightmare settings, press ~. So you open the console.
  3. Now give the following, so you can call the stark settings: 1 menu_advanced_AllowAllSetting
  4. Here, you should note that you VRAM of at least 6 GB should be available.

Locations of all AutoMap stations

Do you want the 8k or 16k resolution, you have this in the Config file Set in the Doom folder. You can find them under Saved Games \ id Software \ DOOM. Give here simply following for Full Ultra (8k) on:

  • vt_pageImageSizeUnique &8220; 8192&# 8243;
  • vt_pageImageSizeVmtr &8220; 8192&# 8243;
  • vt_pageImageSizeVmtrUnique &8220; 8192&# 8243;
  • vt_maxPhysicalPRTPages &8220; 8192&# 8243;

Power your system with the, can you switch over to a 16k:

  • vt_pageImageSizeUnique &# 8220; 16384&# 8243;
  • vt_pageImageSizeVmtr &# 8220; 16384&# 8243;
  • vt_pageImageSizeVmtrUnique &# 8220; 16384&# 8243;
  • vt_maxPhysicalPRTPages &# 8220; 16384&# 8243;

In the Advanced settings also be found Show Performance Measures. So you Doom shows in different settings, how much FPS did you at any second. Do you want more information on how you can increase your FPS? Kephren in the steam guide of AVRO you can see this even more.

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