Unicorn names: generator and table

On November 1 is the International Day of the Unicorn. Yet you have time to stock you with Einhornkotze. In addition, you should also think of you on the occasion of the holiday a matching Unicorn name.

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So you do not have to worry too much, you can find below both a table for the Unicorn name and a generator with which you can you can create the name after entering your own name.

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determine Unicorn name per table

The graph comes from Planet Radio. All that you have to do to get your name as unicorn is that to read the first letter from the table and your birth month of the graphic. Adds two terms together and you get your name on a unicorn. Examples might be:

  • Your names Alfred and be born in July? Your name is "Sugar Blueberry".
  • Captures your name with "T" as "Torsten" and do you have in December birthday, you are "Sexy Strawberry cheese".

very beautiful&# XF6 n cheesy ... we still ever looked fast as our unicorn-name w&# Xe4; ren 🙂 what comes out with you?

Posted by planet radio on Thursday, 27 February 20140video embed code: 1445870549 (7811)

If you do not fit the name, you can also use the Unicorn Name Generator at kotzendes-einhorrn.de. Bears in the appropriate box your first and last name and you will receive, after clicking the appropriate title. The result can share and so show your friends, as you say as you Einhorn also on Facebook and Twitter.

your-unicorn nameYour name Einhorn at kotzendes-einhorn.de

Unicorn name generator

Here, too, a table is available on the you can determine your Unicorn name with your first and last name mystical.

  • Called her "Sven Taler", were your Unicorn Name "stars Croissant".
  • Alfons Schmidt would be a Unicorn "Pastures heaven."
  • Etc.

Unicorn names: generator and table

On the web some tests on you can determine a unicorn names are circulating. Here you should be careful. Often, the tests must be linked to your Facebook profile to get the name. Thus, the provider also get access to your Facebook data. In some cases, there is the Unicorn name even only when one performs an alleged download, which ultimately leads to a subscription trap. Our proposals for Unicorn name by generator or table you are on the safe side and free.

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