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With the Galaxy Note Samsung opened in autumn 2011, according to his own admission a new product category - and drove in the wake surprisingly high sales numbers. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which was presented exactly one year later at the IFA 2012, the Koreans want to repeat this success. Whether we could convince the giant baby with S Pen support, learn our detailed review.

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I had to have to be there and thus held both devices as one of the first journalists in the hands of the great happiness both at the launch of the Galaxy Note, as well as the presentation of the Note 2 live. And while I initially thought the first note in late summer 2011. "What is that?" - a question that was answered to me later when testing the device and with the success of the successor - were my first thoughts at the launch of the successor of the end of August : "I have to exchange it for the score 2 my Galaxy S3" What's for this enthusiasm has become after three or four weeks of intensive use of the 5.5-inch device? Does my S3 still fear the sale? Or am I, as at other times in Note 1, but then come back to the conclusion that I do not need a stylus and the phablet, Smartlet or whatever you want to describe this kind of strange equipment category neudeutsch, I really is too big?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

So much in advance: The Note 2 is a fantastic, potent and incredibly versatile piece of mobile equipment; as well as the Galaxy S3, it is - just bigger and supplemented by a stylus, called the Samsung S Pen, and the related yet significantly expanded range of applications. How big are, or take advantage of these differences how much she finally disappear in everyday life or even bother to clarify our review.

The tester have faced the always friendly girls and boys of getgoods available - say like: Ngiyabonga kakhulu!

The Galaxy Note 2 in the video

Those who before reading the test already want to get a first visual overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for which there is here again our hands-on video of the Unpacked event in late August and including the unboxing of our test unit:

Look, feel, processing

Yeah, what's that - a big Galaxy S3? Taking a first glimpse of the Galaxy Note 2, then the impression that one could simply dealing with an oversized version of the smartphone flagship of Samsung gives actually. At second glance, then a number of subtle differences reveal, besides the size but quite: The Galaxy Note 2 comes in its overall form not as quite as swinging therefore - while the corners of the 5.5-inch device also rounded (Oh-no!) but overall it looks rectangular, as the light "ovalige" S3. On the front and the physical home button takes correspondingly then this design. The power button on the left and the volume rocker on the right side, a total of slightly narrower design and less pretty for my taste, as its smaller brother. At the bottom still be found next to the microphone and Micro USB port, of course, the slot for the stylus, sitting on top of the 3.5 millimeter jack for headphones and another microphone for stereo recording respectively for suppressing ambient noise in telephony.

Plastic-Elaste back like in terms of material selection and feel then unfortunately again that of the S3: The wobbling battery cover is indeed very easy and relatively resist damage by its elasticity, beauty respectively value prices does not win the back of the note 2 with him though. the back is decorated with the 8 MP camera, the right of it positioned LED flash and the speaker grill that is positioned slightly to the left.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Unlike the S3 of the surrounding frame engages in chrome look further to the back side to than in S3; the battery cover is thus framed by the frame, which I like subjectively better. Touch and visually well done is the plug-in slot for the S Pen: Plugged merges the head of the stylus with the frame of grade 2, when plugging and unplugging there is both a slight physical resistance and a feedback via vibration alarm. The S Pen itself is also made of plastic, making it ultra easy - for my taste, an aluminum shaft would not only provide for nicer appearance than the matt black plastic here, but improved by the resulting slightly higher weight and the writing or characters experience.

Haptic and regarding the processing has in the conclusion but then a big Galaxy S3 in hand. This is not surprising, after all, was the first Galaxy Note, in principle, a flat knocked S2. Even though I know hardly anyone who would call the Galaxy S3 as beauty, this point does not bother me personally - at least Samsung assigns his upper class devices as a stringent design language to build instead of two technically quite similar smartphones that look like completely different. Of course, but the Note 2 will inherit thereby the large deficits that were already present in the feel of the S3 and a little heavier in the sometimes weigh 5.5-incher: danger of slipping out of sweaty or now even gloved hand in the fall and winter is whether the extremely smooth back even more when much larger Note 2; especially since it is virtually impossible to operate the device with one hand while do perforce hand contortions must.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Otherwise, however, it should also be noted that the score 2 narrower and thinner when is also longer and heavier despite the larger display than its predecessor (151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm, 183 grams to 146.9 x 178 grams) 83 x 9.7 mm, - this is achieved (by the slimmer bezel frame between display and housing edge). Subjectively one experiences the score 2 as a compact device, compared to its predecessor. Big it is artbedingt course yet. Especially if one takes after several days of using again a "normal" smartphone in hand, even a large se 4.8 inch form factor, one always has a bit of the feeling of a Gulliver in a mini-smartphone wonder world be. What stowing the Note 2 As for the road, but I had no major problems to stow the unit in the not too wide jeans or jacket pockets. Of course you but always a little more intense than a more compact device can feel it there.

As I said, for me, despite the detailed differences, but primarily the Galaxy Note 2 is visually and sensually, an oversized Galaxy S3 - whether this is good or bad, everyone must decide for themselves.

The display of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Is a smart phone, the display of the most important elements, so this is true with the Galaxy Note 2 even more: In massive 5.5 inches, the user is presented together with homescreen widgets, apps, movies and websites, all in HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). We had previously reported that Samsung is remote at the Super AMOLED screen of the Note 2 of the classic and often rightfully ostracized PenTile matrix and has chosen instead to a special RGB-like sub-pixel arrangement. The result is that the screen of 5.5-inch device actually does not have the infamous frayed edges on symbols and white backgrounds, for example in the Gmail app, really shine quite white.

With its 720p resolution and the size of 5.5 inches, the Note 2 comes to a pixel density of 267 ppi; this is not a little - but still slightly less than the previous (285 ppi) and even significantly less than the Galaxy S3 (306 ppi). So that the screen of the Note 2 is not as out of focus, but in direct comparison to S3 or a Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X or the high-resolution Xperia models displaying acts already noticeable, say soft flushed, not as sharp crack. This is added Mosern at a high level - but potential buyers of Note 2 will expect a high level and should therefore know in advance that the screen of the Note 2 is not the sharpest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Another shortcoming inherits the grade 2 or less from S3: In general, the auto-dimming controls for all smartphones always too dark, the Galaxy S3 and again, you see the Note 2 even darker than usual; because good is also given by Samsung in the current firmware of both devices new option to rebalance this automatic per slider, not a lot - for my taste so remained as on the S3 also on the score 2 only, the whole thing manually to a value around 70 adjust percent.

Apart from these points, the screen of the Galaxy Note 2 convinced but certainly - and even if in some cases, by its sheer size: watch movies or YouTube videos on it is just like browsing the web or playing games a very different, much more comfortable and often more impressive experience than a smartphone in the 4-to 5-inch class. And so although I have looked forward with any interim change to the S3 via the sharpness gained, but just missed the lost space to "let off steam". In relation to the screen size as the thumb while playing hide less screen space, one not to be underestimated advantage for anyone on the go like start time games on his smartphone.

Sharpness or space: the personal preference again decide - it must also be the display - at least compared to the Galaxy S3? Which must again be emphasized that both units considered separately both actually have in abundance; just not alike and with different weights.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

A word about the built-in display Gorilla Glass 2: I had on my private (and now refurbished) Galaxy S3 the first hour margin, which is like the score 2 equipped with Gorilla Glass 2, still very fast with a lot of micro-scratches on to fight the display, Samsung / Corning seem to have gotten this ugly phenomenon in the meantime under control - the display of our Notes 2 tester also looks after almost one month of use and carry around in your pocket, jacket and shoulder bags made like new. Only on the plastic battery cover, a few minor traces found.

Performance and Hardware

The Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with the same Mali 400MP GPU and the same Exynos 4412 chipset of ARMs Cortex A9 design as the Galaxy S3; only that this in 5,5-Zoller higher clocked at 1.6 GHz and 200 MHz, and can fall back to 2GB RAM. Even if there are numbers game at this high level of performance in everyday life less noticeable, the Note 2 is thus achieved in the relevant benchmarks course measurably higher results.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

  • AnTuTu: 13613 (Galaxy S3: 11970)
  • CF-Bench: Overall 15015, Java 7558, Native 26201 (Galaxy S3: Overall 13348, Java 6716, Native 23298)
  • GLBenchmark 2.5.1 Egypt offscreen HD: 89759 msec / 13 FPS
  • GLBenchmark 2.1 Egypt Offscreen Classic: 7513 frames / 66 FPS

The fact is that even the score 2 as expected delivers more than enough power in all situations and app scenarios, and for the near future, especially since the device was already comes with the latest Jelly Bean firmware based on Android 4.1, that the OS altogether clear liquid designed: Whether profane wipe on the home screen and the app drawer or in demanding applications like Dead trigger, GTA 3 and Reckless Racing 2 - everything runs nice and smoothly without any lag; making on the big screen, of course, again significantly more fun than on compact smartphones. When I played on the S-Bahn ride to the office, the excellent Rayman Jungle Run on the Note 2, I had sometimes almost feel like a mobile game console of the caliber of the PS Vita in hand to hold.

Connectivity and storage

The Galaxy Note 2 comes in memory sizes of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB - the latter two if their outrageously high price and not even given availability are actually negligible options. So let's start from the 16 GB model, which is currently available for around 540 euros over the counter: 16 GB for a contemporary smartphone a good, though not outstanding amount of memory, especially since it also in Note 2, as used by Samsung, a are MicroSD slot, which up to a size of 64 GB swallows memory cards. These are also immersed Samsung typical in a slot underneath the battery cover - to change the device must therefore be opened necessarily what if the wobbly and secured about equal to 19 terminals back is a bit tedious and always always causes concern, these plastic clips peu à peu damaging and so at some point no longer be able to snap the lid tightly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

3.5 millimeter jack and Micro USB port 2.0 with MHL connectivity and host mode support have already been mentioned; wirelessly the Galaxy Note via WLAN connects 802.11 a / b / g / n standards with the Internet, as in S3 are DLNA, WiFi Direct, NFC and thus also the Galaxy Beam function on board. On the way, the present UMTS model on HSDPA with up to 21 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA uses to upload; an LTE version of the Note 2 is currently only at T-Mobile and Vodafone are related and costs as at Vodafone juicy 799.99 euros, also in the 16 GB version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

In addition to the standard sensors (acceleration, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer) the Note 2 comes with Bluetooth connectivity in the low-power version 4.0 and dominated the standards A2DP, LE and EDR; GPS with AGPS and GLONASS show the way, which worked smoothly in the test.


As mentioned gives Samsung the Galaxy Note 2 from a custom firmware based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. of course, belongs to this also the in-house user interface TouchWiz UX that has us already fallen quite well on the Galaxy S3: Samsung has created with the most recent iteration of the UI on the Note 2 a stringent, liquid and with numerous practical features enhanced user experience - so I had on my S3 has not yet to install the CyanogenMod or another custom ROM that brings me vanilla Android or similar the need; and also on the staff was (and I would in future use) probably remain at the Samsung firmware. Especially as that provides the full functionality for the S Pen (more about that in the next section).

I like the Samsung settings menu with the numerous explanations and options for customization of Lockscreen, motion control, S Pen, energy saving and network settings, I am very grateful for the quick settings bar in the notification bar and also the way how can be operated under the TouchWiz App Drawer and set can be described as successful.

Also on the Note 2, the known from S3 Samsung features such as S Voice, S Beam and Smart Stay and Pop Up Play find the colleague Frank has described in his test of the 4.8-inch device. There is also the smart rotation function that makes changing the screen orientation of the position of the observing facial dependent in touch - in theory, the device should recognize that, if the user has possibly even put to vertical (for example reading) to change the otherwise obligatory change to landscape mode. Unfortunately, that did not work optimally in practice, too often unrecognized Smart rotation, the position of my face up and turned around yet to horizontal viewing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Speaking of rotation: When accidental switching to landscape mode, it took sometimes a long time to the music (my) had its viewed errors and again moved back to the portrait view - that was virtually the only significant software "mistake" with where the score 2 bugged me sometimes.

Its premiere on the big screen of the Note 2, although now announced for the Galaxy S3, celebrates the multi-window feature whereby selected applications are displayed simultaneously and in changeable large windows on the screen - we have tried immediately after the rollout and recorded in the video:

The size of the display of the note 2, the special options for one-handed operation are owed: In an extra point in the settings menu to make the dials pad and the in-call buttons Samsung keypad, the calculator and the unlock pattern choice of left or left-justified align so that they are easier to Reach with the thumb. The page on the fly can be changed. This is a very handy feature indeed that it has allowed me, at least in the said applications, to let the second hand in your pocket. A firm grip on the Note 2 is certainly still needed especially in the scramble or running.

More interesting in itself features that unfortunately do not always work really well or only erratic in part, the ability to display information about missed calls, messages and battery status display while the display is where you simply plug it briefly in the rampant and extensive settings to block incoming calls and notifications, and turning off alarms and the LED at definable times; including the option of passing specific contacts.

All in all Samsung supplies and the Galaxy Note 2 is highly balanced, brisk and comprehensive software package from; even if apps like S Voice, S Suggest and all the hubs already whether the much better alternatives that Google provides in part itself, can safely leave are left in our opinion.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

With the Note series Samsung does not want to speak about priority brittle business users who were formerly with Palm Pilot or Blackberry on the way, but, as of the latest presentations and promotional clips abundantly clear is apparent, hip creatives who with Stylus and large screen realize their next project. Although we beömmeln us still Wim Wenders, which resets his own life's work compliantly on amateur status when he says well-paid advertising clip appearance in certainly, "Wings of Desire" could have been shot entirely with a GPA 1.10 today must we allow the Note 2 in combination with the S Pen and S Note app that it actually offers amazing opportunities for creative development.

These will initially and especially the powerful S Note app available: Unlike the vile name suggests, it offers far more than just recording digital notes: Thanks to the so-called productivity tools with which handwriting, formulas or forms at can input digitized automated via the stylus, the insert for a mobile app extensive drawing and painting functions, the possibility photos, videos, map sections, clip art, shapes, sketches or text boxes in each note, to provide them directly to voice memos, the receiving integrated search function in the alpha tungsten database as well as the possibility of quasi sketches in the preparation is S note in connection with the stylus actually a creative-productive playground class. That it - whether on a Galaxy Note 2 or Note 10.1 - leaves an entire feature film plan, produce and record, although we doubt continue; but who has motivation and patience to deal intensively with the S Note app so can certainly afford a lot.

Here then a personal, very likely heavily dependent on my taste problem occurred but to light: I did not feel like it. Sure, at first I was excited and interested, and later my motivation disappeared but more and more, get the stylus to prepare a complex note or even a drawing. I calculate formulas also rare and triangles, squares or diamonds I paint mobile actually never. As I said, this is certainly due to my personal usage behavior and my lack of creativity - that solve mobile drawing, equations, indulge in the geometry or simply location information and directions wants to send more chic prepared other users are in the S Note app and the S Pen may find their El Dorado.

Also next to the S Note app, the S Pen offers various special applications: Since it was for a very cool Air View feature called that in certain applications such as Gallery or SMS app at In keeping without touching the screen a preview of the album contents respectively the respective message indicating zooms individual images in video opens pop-up windows or lists scrolls.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

In addition, can be recorded while pressing the button on the stylus-top Screenshots - and optionally the entire screen, or Lasso mode only parts of the screen. Predefined gestures allow quick opening menus, the Back-navigating, opening a quick note, or access the Quick Commands. In turn, be entered by hand - " Berlin "opens as Google Maps centered on the capital city and home to In addition to the pre-programmed Quick Commands the user can create custom commands itself - how it works, explains the well-crafted and comprehensive help function, which is in Note 2 to all possible functionalities via the S Pen also answer questions. Of course, the S Pen over and also use anywhere simply to replace the fingertips very general control of the device can however.

As already mentioned: I myself have the stylus hardly used despite the many fine features in everyday life, because I either did not need the associated features, or was too lazy to simply to pull the pin out of his parking space on the back - before I from the fact would have fumbled the slot and drawn a gesture or a Quick Command, I usually have already reached the desired target with your finger. The situation is different of course, for users from holding the S Pen up for use in the S Notes in any case often in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

A general criticism of the S Pen concept is still appropriate: As with its predecessor, the capacitive buttons located can not be operated with the stylus, making necessary the hakeligen change between finger and stylus operation occasionally. Since version 4.0, but Android also supported on smartphone software button. Why Samsung has opted for hardware buttons illuminates not necessarily just in terms of the S Pen a &# 8211; better software buttons would have been, because that would have the entire operating system can be operated both by finger and via stylus.

The camera of the Note 2

Also like the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 has built an 8 MP rear camera, taking photos with a resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels shooting in the highest level. Their quality can be described as excellent in good light, at dusk or artificial light there is set a little schwammigeres, Griese liges image. Here are some impressions among other Milan from - oh, how appropriate - Padfone 2 launch:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Video adopts the Galaxy Note 2 at 1080p, these can also be little to be desired except for the inevitable rolling shutter with fast movements open; as the Milan Cathedral is very beautiful over:

The camera app of the Note 2 is the same, which is now also available on the S3. In comparison to the former version on the little brother the changes are purely cosmetic, and I refer in terms of functionality as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the app again on Frank's review of the Galaxy S3.

In Conclusion can be personalized with the score 2 fine photos and shoot videos whose viewing on the device itself then again a greater pleasure than on a smaller smartphone screen by 5 inches.

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Telephony and audio qualities

to report little there is in terms of telephony - and in this case is a good thing: disconnections or the like are not occurred to me, my interlocutors I have always well understood (unless their phones were of poor quality) and me. Also in speakerphone function I could hear colleagues Frank loud and clear, even if at times he perceived me a bit choppy - but this probably due to my temporary horrendous speech rate and the fact that you just inherent in the system does not speak in speakerphone directly into the microphone and the suppression of ambient noise does not work according to optimal, is expected to have.

A small problem, which in turn is due to the size of the unit, I noticed then but still: From time to time it happens that you are not holding the centrally placed earpiece grill year unerring ear, causing the caller seems suddenly to be very quiet - as strange as it sounds, it came with my phone calls but more frequently than I care to admit it himself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Also the sound at loud listening to music, movies, Happy SlappingYouTube videos and games (I'm in the last few weeks with the BVG become in effect a notorious delinquent) is a small mono speaker for the way he fitted in Note 2 is fabulous: A powerful, clear sound that does not rattles normally even at high volume levels, then even reconciles the seniors in S- and U-Bahn. More seriously: Whether when viewing movie trailers or while listening to a live version of Pearl Jam Just Breathe - I was always impressed by how tired the score reflects two sound. In combination with the large screen, the phablet is therefore also without headphones a really good device for media playback.

Battery life and everyday life with the Galaxy Note 2

Samsung equipped the Note 2 a big 3100 mAh battery - and is also likely to be necessary in view of the large screens and higher clocked Exynos 4412 chipset. With so much juice available the score 2 held at me normal, that is relatively intensive use with activated 3G standard, many to be synchronized background services, the occasional video consumption, MP3 listening on the way to the office and gamble on the way home , browsing, photography and so on average one and a half days by; and as mentioned in manually controlled high luminosity. Who uses less intense here and uses the various available as standard tools in the settings energy saving measures, which should rival bring out two days or longer term.

That the Note 2 a "Klopper" and thus forces in everyday life to getting used to compared with ordinary smartphones, is &# 8211; Oh well &# 8211; On the hand. It is amazing that I have but not as extreme as perceived, as expected and as yet experienced the first note. This will hardly be because my editorial intern now proverbial cat's grown in a year. Rather, the Note 2 is just a little narrower than its predecessor. Thanks to the whole Super Phones beyond the 4.5 inch mark in recent months we have become used safely but also more generally to larger devices.

So although I had quite the aforementioned problems with the one-handed operation, on the other hand no effort always kind to carry the score 2 reasonably comfortable on the body. Overall, the Galaxy Note 2 can therefore use very well in everyday life despite its extra-large dimensions.


Some readers it may be possibly occurred strange reading of the test, some may be even get riled about the fact that I have here so often compared the Note 2 to the S3 - but for me it is, in effect, simply a large, somewhat more potent and around the S Pen supplemented Galaxy S3. This does not mean that it is only of interest to users, where the S3 seems too small. Of course, the Note 2 would make an excellent smartphone for themselves if it were not for the little brother - that prove not only the success of its predecessor, but also the phablets and Smartlets that other manufacturers will launch soon on the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: review of the 5.5 inch display giants

Note that the device class, such as Samsung would certainly like to know dubs, definitely has a right to exist, is evident. Who can use them, are users who want to use the creative work their smartphone fact that record a lot and sketching. With the score 2 as well as power users do no wrong, do not interfere with the size, go like consume multimedia content, or want to play games and this size are willing to pay with currently around 100 euros extra compared to the Galaxy S3.

And? I get even from S3 to Note 2 to now? After a month of satellite vision and games on the big screen I'm looking back on my compact S3, the acquired focus and one-handed operation. The S Pen is, as stated, do not fail me, and in all other areas, both devices are on par for me. In this respect I am glad to be able to have used the score 2 intense because I can stay with the S3 now reassured.


  • Display: 5.5
  • Processing and haptics: 3/5
  • Software: 5.5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Telephony: 5/5
  • Camera: 5.5
  • Connectivity and storage: 5.5
  • Suitability for everyday use: 3/5

Total: 4.5 / 5


  • Huge, good display
  • the same stylus and great software-side support
  • outstanding performance


  • plastic
  • Design wins no beauty prices
  • Display default too dark

Video Conclusion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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