Rome – Total War: All Cheats for PC

It is not easy to conquer the world &# 8211; which so far has never been done. But the Romans were able to capture a significant part in its heyday. An undertaking that it in Rome: Total War to catch up or applies to trump all. Of course, not via time travel but on the PC or Mac. Should you be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the task, you can check out our cheats for Rome: design the Conqueror life a little easier Total War.

Rome-Total War cheatsRome &# 8211; Total War: All cheat codes for the PC in the overview.

From Europe to Asia and Africa. The empire of the Romans was enormous, but they still lacked some countries on the world map. With the Successor of Shogun: Total War and Medieval: Total War you did in Rome: Total War also the possibility to break the last resistance and possibly even make the events in the Teutoburg Forest undone. Should you help against the Germans or other peoples need, can you either the history books take on hand to make the same mistakes as the Romans or their verhelft you with our Cheats Rome: Total War to more money or giant elephant.

How do I enter the Cheats?

To enter the cheats you have to open the console. Suppressed, the ^ key. Then you give a one of the cheat codes listed below and confirm with enter. In some versions of Rome: Total War, the cheat codes can be entered only once a game starts. Think so because your game beforehand to patching.995Rome Total War Trailer

Rome &# 8211; Total War: All Cheats for PC

toggle_fowTurns the fog of war on or off
add_population X YIncreases the population of the city X by the value Y
capture_settlement XConquered the city X
process_cq XProvides all the buildings in the town of X finished
process_rc XProvides all military units in the city of X finished
auto_win attackerThe attacker wins the battle
auto_win defenderThe defender wins the battle
invulnerable_general XThe General X is invulnerable
bestbuyYour units will be cheaper by 10%
add_money XYou get X money
process_cq settlementIncreases the speed in construction
kill_character XKill the person X
season summer / winterChanges the season on summer / winter
oliphauntIncreases your elephant enormous
list_traitsShows you all traits
jerichoAllows the walls to collapse (battle map)


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