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In Windows 10 the privacy settings are not set by default very user-friendly. With the free tool DoNotSpy10 you have all the important privacy settings at a glance and can also directly into a user interface change.

The freeware DoNotSpy10 helps you configure in one fell swoop 10 doing all privacy settings in Windows.

Start Photogallery(15 images)Important Windows Security Tools Note: The installer downloads the program provides you also adware. If you do not want this mitinstallieren, make sure to read the instructions carefully and selects the adware in the appropriate places off by her waived Express settings and select the custom installation.

Adjust privacy settings in Windows 10: DoNotSpy10

DoNotSpy10: With the tool it provides an all privacy settings of Windows 10 in a mask.DoNotSpy10: With the tool it provides an all privacy settings of Windows 10 in a mask.

When you start the freeware DoNotSpy10 after download and installation, will be offered to create a restore point. That should answer it for safety's sake yes. The user interface of the program is kept very functional and easy. all settings are broken links that Windows sends 10 either data to Microsoft. Also, you can adjust as access to microphone, localization (location) and camera and permissions for apps. Furthermore, you can prevent and check postponing upgrades the automatic driver and update installation.

So operated her DoNotSpy10:

  1. Set in the left list box if you want to change the settings of each.
  2. Click on your choice below the Apply button. Only then stores the program change your selected privacy settings.

If you do not know what is behind a certain point - such as Disable Application Telemetry - click each point at a time. a brief explanation is then displayed on the right side.

You can also modify later by her tool simply restart your settings. To remove from Windows 10 more tracking and spying capabilities, look also the Remove Windows tool to 10 Spying.

Windows 10: DoNotSpy10 can not be installed because Windows Defender

Windows 10: Here you can disable the Windows Defender temporary.Windows 10: Here you can disable the Windows Defender temporary.

Under certain circumstances, DoNotSpy10 can not be installed because Microsoft's security software Windows Defender blocked the program and removed. This may be because DoNotSpy10 default installed adware during installation. You can temporarily disable Windows Defender in the following way in order to download the program and install:

  1. Opens the settings by their presses the key combination Windows + i.
  2. Click on the Update button and security.
  3. Selects left the menu item Windows Defender and sets right the switch under the heading real-time protection to Off.

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