Congstar terminate: By mail with form

You use Congstar, but did you decided to set or in the future to another mobile operator to dispense with a smartphone? Then you should terminate with Congstar. Find out here how to terminate with Congstar which ways are there for and what you should consider it.

Congstar terminate: By mail with form

As with almost any other service also must be terminated with Congstar correspondence. This can be done by fax, email or letter.

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Congstar announce: How does it work?

The termination letter has to meet certain requirements in order for the Congstar termination is effective. In addition to a notice text your customer number must, or contract number be noted on the document, so that the notice can be assigned to your Congstar contract. As termination text you can take this template for Congstar:

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hereby cancel my Congstar contract in time for the next possible date. Please confirm the cancellation in writing.

Best regards."

Alternatively, is with us for DSL contracts denunciation congstar template for download. The Congstar notice can be sent by mail to [email protected] If you prefer to send by post the document, use the following address:

congstar GmbH
PO Box 1165
61466 Kronberg

44622congstar spot

Writing for the Congstar notice should include the following information in addition to the text:

  • name and address
  • contract number
  • recipient address
  • Termination date ( "next possible date" if unknown)
  • Date and signature
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Congstar announce: Deadline and fax numbers

As with any other notice, it is also recommended for Congstar writing by send off ", return receipt requested." So you have proof of the sending of the letter, if it did not receive it offered. Alternatively, you can cancel at Congstar by fax. Selects this fax number: 0180 6 22 17 77. Depending on the provider may incurring different costs for you. Read to the topic: Here you can fax for free over the Internet.

The deadline for termination with Congstar You can extract your contract documents. Usually mobile phone contracts run with smartphone with a minimum term of 24 months and three months' notice. If the deadline expires, the contract is automatically extended by 12 months. For contracts without a minimum term of the period may also lie in only one month.

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