Facebook: So can show the hidden inbox

Over the years it has received as Facebook users probably already frequent messages that do not come from friends. These are known to be stored under the message requests. What hardly anyone knows: not land Here all messages. We show you how you can allow unfiltered view all messages in the Messenger app.

Facebook: So can show the hidden inbox

Once you get a message from a Facebook user who does not count for friends, the social network displays a message request. There can be decided then whether you want to start the conversation. Thus Facebook wants to protect its users against spam robots and intrusive strangers. This can include an upper limit was introduced, which determines how many messages per day can be sent to other users who are not in their own circle of friends.

But it will not put a message request at every message from a foreign user. Many of them actually just land in an invisible mailbox and get as good as never revealed. Since the spam filter of Facebook is not perfect, it may well happen that you do not get one or another message from people that you met as recently seen. But there is a possibility to view the missing messages:

1. Open the Messenger app and tap on the contact icon, so you are in the app settings. There you select the menu item "people" and then tap on "message requests".



2. The next screen presents you all previous messages inquiries &# 8211; until then, nothing new. At the bottom but there is the entry "Show filtered requests.&# 8221; Tada! Here are all the messages and requests that Facebook has to hide from you in the last weeks, months or even years. In fact, some of us have also received inquiries from readers in the editorial that were incorrectly identified as spam. Furthermore there is the rejected message requests.



Who uses Facebook for the work that is presumably so are some unanswered questions here. Most but (hopefully) just be spam, the Facebook-filtered for you.

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