joiz presenters: Current and former faces of the youth radio station

The end of joiz in Switzerland is sealed. Since 2013, the Swiss youth television broadcaster in Germany. Thanks trans-media storytelling her joiz TV formats see on television and online social media. Young presenters lead joiz by transmissions to digital Live Style, for example, &# 8220; Cut&# 8221 ;, &Live, 8220 & Directly&# 8221; or &# 8220; Metal Attack&# 8221 ;. In the following guide you learn who's been working as atuell joiz-moderator or presenter and presenters who have participated already at joiz.

joiz presenters: Current and former faces of the youth radio station

For many joiz presenters of the parent station in Switzerland, it is now called, to say farewell to the youth channel. But even in Germany, the concept has numerous fans. According to information on its website its target group is between 15-34 years, almost half of its users (43%) are between 20 and 29 years young. Of these, 23% interest in movies and music. Ideal conditions to inspire the joiz pendant with interactive programs and series. Viewers have so as to provide an opportunity, questions and comments on social networks and to contact the joiz moderators.

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7364Making Moeff: How does a youth word? Video from KISS FM

The joiz GmbH is the German subsidiary of the eponymous Swiss radio station and had the end of 2014 to file a bankruptcy procedure. The previous advertising funding was considered failed, which meant the end for the transmission on free TV. How can you receive the joiz TV live stream, you read our article joiz TV Live Stream: How it works.

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update 23/08/2016

In Switzerland, the transmission operation of the transmitter youth joiz is set because of insolvency. On her Facebook profile, the moderators of joiz adopted on Monday 23/08/2016 and proved gallows humor. For joiz Germany the transmission operation continues thanks to a new majority shareholder - the program should be receivable in Switzerland.

The joiz presenters are sympathetic, fresh and usually not much older than the target group. Read below, who leads you through the current joiz program.

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Current joiz presenters

Beginning in July 2015 joined Nicole "Nic" Kruger Radio Energy Berlin Joiz October followed her Franzi Knappe. Since early November Stefanie Langer has been active in youth radio, it comes from the AIDA. Who can experience as joiz presenters of the German youth transmitter in the program it otherwise, we have listed to you here:

Franziska KnappeLive at joiz, Live & Directly
Kevin KloseCur, The general headquarters, joizTick Games, joizTick Play, Live at joiz, Live & Directly, Metal Attack
Maurice GajdaLive af joiz, Live & Direct X-plicitly, the independent Line
Nicole KrügerCircle Pit, Live & Direct, The Kate Show Kaputto
Stefanie LangerThe first meal, hype, Live & Directly, TGIF, Live at joiz

Current joiz co-presenters

  • Arne Lehrke
  • Debora Teichmann
  • Marc Ries
  • Nico Heymer
  • Sandro Kreitlow

These are the former joiz presenters

Martin Tietjen was until July 2015, joiz moderator. The moderator, journalist and actor wanted King and pilot are (Source: as a kid actually. Tietjen worked at as a reporter for joiz &# 8220; Our day&# 8221; Sat.1 and since 2016 he has been with Sat.1 Gold.

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The presenter and singer Melissa Khalaj joiz has left the 7th August and has since worked as a freelance presenter.

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Julia Krüger you see since September 2015 hosted by RTL II magazine &# 8220; CLUB&# 8221 ;, in which it provides the viewers with entertainment and People-News.

Have also Smith & Smart, Sila Sahin, Daisy Dee, Tilo Jung, Antonia Scheurlen, Jan-Henrik M. Scheper-Stuke and Alexander Maurer moderated even for joiz formats.

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