Movie Maker for Windows 7

For some versions of Movie Maker no longer part in the delivery version of Microsoft Windows. Those who still want to take advantage of the Movie Maker on Windows 7, the video editing program, however, can be retrofitted easily and free.

Windows Movie Maker allows dubbing and organize videos on the PC. Among other transitions can be used or digital effects are inserted into existing video.

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Movie Maker for Windows 7: Download and install

Also the Assemble photos into a movie is possible with the Movie Maker in Windows. 7 Images can be inserted from the disk or directly from the camera. Even after the assembling of a film post-processing and an extended cut is possible. Thus, can. B. increase the speed of the video or decreased or their own, additional sound among the moving images are mixed. If you know the movie once completed, it can put online on the Movie Maker for Windows 7 and be shared on Facebook, YouTube and Co.. In addition, the link for the video about the program can be forwarded via e-mail to friends.

Movie Maker for Windows 7

Here there is the Movie Maker for Windows 7

With the latest version of the integration of the video portal Vimeo has been added. The integration of portal AudioMicro and Free Music Archive provides an extensive repertoire of free music that you can use it without expect, license or copyright punishment if the result is made public. For private videos, of course, you can also use MP3 files from the hard drive for their own video. The download of Movie Maker for Windows 7 is free.

The download is the Windows Essentials 2012. In addition to the Movie Maker are located in the following tools:

  • Photo Gallery
  • OneDrive
  • Family Safety
  • Mail
  • Writer

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