Create eBay account – Here’s how

If you want to buy something in the online auction site eBay or sell, you need an eBay account, where your address and payment information is stored. We show you how you can create an eBay account.

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Create eBay account: age and conditions

ebay logoSo you want to buy on the online marketplace eBay items and sell, you need an eBay account. This is created in a few steps.

So you are allowed to create an eBay account, the following requirements must be met:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • you must have a valid e-mail address and indicate full contact.
  • You must not publish contact others in public online areas.
  • EBay's name must be based on the eBay rules.

In addition, should you your payment enter (bank account, Paypal, etc.), so that you also paid automatically by direct debit or other methods. If you are seller, your buyers also need your payment information. Here you learn the way how eBay works.

Create new eBay account*

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eBay Create an account: Instructions

To create an eBay account, you go as follows:

  1. Opens the login page * eBay.
  2. login click on the top tab New. Professional sellers find below the link.

    Here you create an eBay account.Here you create an eBay account.

  3. now therefore get an e-mail address, password and name.
  4. Clicking on eBay Conditions *Create eBay account - Here's how can you you look at this before you agree.
  5. Join clicks conclusion on the New button.
  6. To the specified e-mail address you will receive a confirmation email which says that eBay sends you a letter with confirmation code. He should arrive within 5 days at you.
  7. You must wait for the letter and to confirm the information contained therein your address.
  8. To do this you log in you one with your new credentials and give the code to from the letter.
  9. So you can change your user name with which you offer and buys: Change the name eBay &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s done!

Create eBay account without letter

The letter with the code is for security to prevent fraud and Fake logins are created. Both private and professional sellers must use the letter to confirm their data, including real address.

Set Payment:

You should adjust your payment, so that you can buy and sell:

  1. Login you one on eBay and click the top left of your name.
  2. Selects account settings.
  3. In the left navigation you click on Personal data.
  4. Under Payment Settings you can enter and adjust Paypal a bank account.

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eBay: an account does not work

If you got problems to set up an eBay account, first try a different browser. If the problem persists, you turn to the best eBay Support:

  • eBay Hotline: contact the Customer Service

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