Grams: The Google for drugs and weapons

It sounds like borrowed from a cheap action movie, but in the depths of the Deep Nets there is a search engine that searches the markets for weapons and drugs. Grams is the black market and Google is strongly reminiscent of the search engine giant.

Grams: The Google for drugs and weapons

Looks like Google and also works as follows: Grams is one of the most useful search engines for the Tor network, but brings no results for conventional searches. Instead shady characters can buy weapons, credit cards and drugs here.

Grams: The search engine for Kalashnikovs and hard drugs

It is not clear who is behind the search engine, the operator will understandably remain anonymous yet. The fact is, however, that the network, which is only accessible through Tor, not bad at running.

gramsGrams: What exactly is what happens when I&8217; m Feeling Lucky clicks on a search engine for drugs?

The Tor network is often called darknet or Deep Web, even if the name is not quite right, especially in relation to Grams. But it is certainly a part of the hard to look at and of course even more difficult to control the Internet. Because it contains everything you on Google, Bing or Yahoo! would never find.

So it is not surprising that the Tor network also provides a non-zensierbare platform for whistleblowers, bloggers and Internet users who prefer to remain anonymous. But there is also the other side of the net. The search engine provides Grams as, for example, &# 8220; trusting&# 8221; Sources for weapons, tapped credit cards and illegal drugs on.

The name of the search engine is quite likely to Wolfgang &# 8220; Gaks&# 8221; Grams back, as a member of the Red Army Faction (RAF) came in June 1993 killed at the station Bad Kleinen.

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