The Witcher 3: Change horses – is that possible?

Are you getting tired on the back of the same horse in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to spend? Is it not possible to change horses and tame yourself a new horse? We prefer the question and see if you can ride beside the brown mare roach other horses in the role play.


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Witcher Geralt is not very creative when naming his horses. He calls each of his faithful steeds roach, or Roach in the English version of the game. Nevertheless, it would be also nice in, The Witcher 3 Change Horses and to be able to take from time to time on the back of another Gauls place. This can accomplish it with the help of the sorcerer-character Axii. Remember the horse can not change but, with one exception&# 8230;

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The Witcher 3: Change Horses &# 8211; Axii makes it possible

With the Witcher characters Axii can you manipulate opponents in combat, stun them or even against each incite. In addition, you are allowed to use it in talks to enforce your will. And also to animals, the application is possible. In the wild, you sometimes encounter wild horses, her tame with Axii can, you should be close enough. Then you can swing you on the backs of horses.

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However, you have not changed in this way your horse permanent, but loses it again as soon as you descend. For a later whistles they do not respond, instead, comes back the faithful brown mare roach angedackelt. Do you want your horse to permanently switch, there is this just a way during the game.

The effect of Axii recognize her on the lights to the horse's head.The effect of Axii recognize her on the lights to the horse's head.

A new horse from nilgaardischen Kaiser

The possibility of your To switch permanently horse, gets her to the main quest Blood on the Battlefield. We do not want too much to respond to the contents of this quest for spoiler reasons, but you has the Emperor nilfgaardische Emhyr var Emreis at the end of the Quest as a reward for rescuing Ciri one of two rewards on. Either you take his money or you reject and gets a fancy new black horse. This will replace roach from now on as Ross your choice, but certainly again given the same name&# 8230;

With black Ross Geralt occurrence has the same effect much more threatening.With black Ross Geralt occurrence has the same effect much more threatening.

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