Internet Explorer has stopped working – Solutions

If the favorite browser will not start, hangs or simply strike, then you can be helped. We show you different approaches, what you can do if Internet Explorer stops working.

Internet Explorer has stopped working - Solutions

Internet Explorer has stopped working and we have some proven practices, how to fix it. but first it is, identify the causes and eradicate. Below you can find various causes and their solution when the Internet Explorer does not work anymore.

Table of Contents:

  • examine PC for malware
  • Old version?
  • Driver Error?
  • Start Internet Explorer without add-ons
  • default settings
  • Internet connection
  • Temporary data
  • Reset settings
  • Update and reinstall
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Internet Explorer has stopped working - Possible Causes and Solutions

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1. Inspect PC for malware

Is your computer bombproof shields it from any malware and viruses? If not, you may want to again thoroughly scan the system. For various malware and viruses can affect the browser. We recommend Avast! Free Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

2. Update the IE

Since you use Internet Explorer as their favorite browser, we just assume that you use a Windows operating system. Do you have any off the automatic updates, does this impact on the timeliness of Internet Explorer. Closes any gaps in security by her via computer > properties Windows update selects.

Windows updateAlso, Internet Explorer is kept up to date via the Windows Update

Here you find all new Updates, patches and updates, including for Internet Explorer. But you can also just download with us the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Download now the latest version of IE


3. Update drivers always

Defective or outdated drivers can sometimes cause Internet Explorer to stop working. Keep all your drivers up to date to avoid compatibility problems and security vulnerabilities.

4. Internet Explorer without add-ons

Have you recently added to your IE new add-ons or might be old licenses expired, Internet Explorer could be affected. Tried once with our tips to start IE without add-ons and see if this works:

  • Selects the Start button, All Programs > equipment > System Tools and select the Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

internet explorer stops working-without addonsStarts Internet Explorer and occur no new errors more, an add-on is responsible for ensuring that Internet Explorer has stopped working. then make your way to the Add-on Manager deactivated gradually all add-ons individually under Tools and to see what caused the error.

5. Reset Internet Explorer to default settings

This almost always helps: If none of the approaches listed above fruits wore, you can simply the default settings of Internet Explorer to restore. Do not worry, it all feeds and favorites remain untouched.

  • Closes all windows and open Internet Explorer
  • Opens on extras Internet options
  • In the Advanced tab, you click on Reset to default and reconfirmed
  • After restarting the browser, the changes take effect.

Although this possibility was not successful, we can not refer only to the support.

  • Internet Explorer Support
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6. Check the Internet connectivity

Just as you should always look first at computer problems whether any of the plug into the power socket is, you should test for problems with Internet programs first if at all there is an Internet connection.

So for example opens a mail program or another web browser, and see if they are functioning properly. If so, the problem is more likely to be in Internet Explorer. It should now, if already longer existing installation from one moment to the other stops working, the first suspicion of the last action directed that we have performed there.

Especially if you have installed the last program run add-ons or plug-ins, these could in connection with, that Internet Explorer has stopped working. This we should turn off first.

For it opens their system settings > Network and Internet > Internet options > Manage browser add-ons

Internet Explorer has stopped working 1

disable 6.1 Addons

In the window that opens all installed addons are displayed, as well as (on or off) their status. By clicking Enabled you can disable any add-on or plug-in. If you have installed a new add-on at the last program run, only this should be disabled, otherwise you off in one fell swoop all to see if this is the reason to look for that Internet Explorer has stopped working properly.

If the IE then starts properly, you can activate the addons gradually again until you the &Culprits; # 8220&# 8221; has found:

Internet Explorer has stopped working 2

7. Delete Temporary Files

Internet Explorer still does not work? It could also be due to running into space scripts open sides. To prevent this, you delete next all temporary files and cookies. For this again calls the Internet Options and is now about General > Browser history.

Internet Explorer has stopped working 3

By clicking on Erase opens another dialog where you can specify what you want to delete. Is initially defensive front and deletes only the temporary Internet files, cookies and history.

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8. Reset Internet Explorer settings

Tests on whether you have repaired these measures Internet Explorer. It remains? Internet Explorer no longer works only? Maybe you have something inadvertently corrupted in Internet Options.

now controls first the settings under the tabs security and privacy. These are available by default to Medium. If here are something else, it is now back to the default.

After that, open the Advanced tab. Here numerous fine settings for Internet Explorer can be made. Instead of considering yourself if you have some time to change something here, is equal to all the settings to the default state back:

Internet Explorer has stopped working 5

Here, you can still decide whether you want to delete the personal settings. As you should have already done this before, you can here only the Web form data, data of the ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection and Clear Passwords. However, these are unlikely to be responsible if IE does not work anymore. If you like, you can mitlöschen yet. but the data can then not be recovered.

Internet Explorer has stopped working 6

9. Update and reinstall

Is a seamless experience with the Internet Explorer itself now no longer possible, you can only try einzuspielen a possibly existing update for Internet Explorer on Windows Update as a last resort. We have included a tutorial on how to perform an Internet Explorer update.

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