Just Cause 3 fails: Error, problems, solution aids

The shooter Just Cause 3 was not even two hours outside, even the first error messages from gamers came across the globe. The biggest mistake probably seems to be related to the graphics card if it comes from the manufacturer AMD. Just Cause 3 does not start? Here we have the solution.

The screen freezes, the frame rate sags, Just Cause 3 does not start &# 8211; We have listed below and are provided with a solution of these and other problems. Do you still have found more problems? Then you have the opportunity to describe technical problems and fault below the text.

859Just Cause 3: Long Dive over the world

Just Cause 3: Error messages for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Just Cause 3 running on consoles so far quite fluid. The problem child seems to be the PC. For this reason, the developers of Avalanche Studios have been working for the Release of patches and fixes.

At the beginning you should take a system requirements of Just Cause 3 View. If your PC does not meet these, the problem is probably here. also that you have the day-one patch installed respects. It may solve some problems that you have.

The beautiful graphics does not see any owner of an AMD graphics cardThe beautiful graphics does not see any owner of an AMD graphics card

Server problems on the PS4

The servers are overloaded on the PlayStation 4, fails the login with you. You can do it while trying several times, but it may take until you can finally play online. Tests therefore the Offline mode, not continuously read the error message. Proceeds as follows:

  1. Selects the settings for the PS4.
  2. is coming to PlayStation Network / Account Management.
  3. Selects Enable as your primary PS4.

Have you already done that, you can manually disconnect the PS4 from the Internet. Going to return to the settings, Network, Connect to the Internet and clear the check mark. Is your PS4 not the primary console, they will turn off after an hour, which is very annoying middle of the game, of course. Now you can play without interference. Tried it on another day again and activates the hook again, so you can play online.

Just Cause 3 does not start

If Just Cause does not start 3, it first checks Cache files from Steam. Deletes them if necessary. then start your PC and Steam new. Should you use Windows 10, perform a right-click on the icon of Just Cause 3 on the desktop and sets the compatibility to Windows. 7

There is still a another way. Have you bought the game on Steam, you can not test this way:

  1. Opens Steam and click on the top tab library.
  2. Searches for Just Cause 3, performs a right-click on it and click on Settings.
  3. Now click check for game files for errors.

Shooter in fullscreen mode

Will you play Just Cause in full-screen mode, but the edges do not go away, we have here a solution for you:

  1. Go to your Steam game library and performs a right-click on Just Cause 3 from.
  2. Select Properties and click Start options.
  3. Provides here now edges loose fullscreen one.


Technical problems with Just Cause 3 and how you solve

Since the occurrence of the problems for the three platforms, the makers of the game have created a discussion thread, which can be found on the Just Cause fan. There you will find probably technical fixes fastest.

Click here for the bug report by Avalanche Studios*

Another problem resolution we have here for you:

  1. Click Control Panel, and then Sound.
  2. Performs a right-click on the player and click Properties.
  3. Select the Advanced tab and sets the format to 16 bit, 96000 Hz.
Just Cause 3 is an explosive game, but that does not announce itself without errorJust Cause 3 is an explosive game, but that does not announce itself without error

Performance issues while playing

You're just so on the border of Minimum system requirements and the game jerky? So that the game runs smooth, you should remember her the following steps:

  1. Pause the game and go in the game settings > Graphic.
  2. Reduces the power of the graphics, to the extent you still with that comes clear and stores.
  3. Make your way to the Task Manager.
  4. Click on the Processes tab, performs a right-click on Just Cause 3 and select "Priority Setting" and "higher than normal" or "high" from.

No Log in Just Cause Server

In Just Cause 3 you must be connected to the server, so that the leaderboards can load. Unfortunately, some problems occur here. If you the leaderboard once anyway, we have the following simple solution for you:

  1. Finish the game.
  2. Disable the Internet.
  3. Starts Just Cause. 3
The Enwickler of Just Cause 3 is already working on a solution to the technical problemsThe Enwickler of Just Cause 3 is already working on a solution to the technical problems

FPS boost with VSync

Do you have massive problems with the frames per second, can you disable VSync. This setting takes her in the Nvidia Control Panel.

Do you still have found other errors or problems? It informs us in the comments. We try this guide as current as possible.

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