Sky Rückholangebote 2016: New prices and packages after termination

With a subscription to Sky, will be opened in order to pursue new movies and series as well as live Bundesliga matches and other sports, the wide gate of the pay-TV. The subscription runs at a certain maturity, which is reduced in many cases in the first 12 or 24 months. Do you have your subscription canceled, the provider tries to retrieve frequently you through Rückholangebote as a customer or to keep.

A detailed overview of current Sky Rückholangebote does not exist. There is also no certainty such. As a passage in the terms that promises a corresponding new offer.

Sky offers at a glance*

The new offer can you z. B. be submitted via the Sky hotline.

143288Sky Hotline

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Sky Rückholangebote: how it works

The cost and content of Rückholangebote at Sky depend on many factors and be customized to contract customers. It is quite possible also that one already is declined Rückholangebot again adjusted and made more attractive for the customer by such. For example, the subscription price is lowered or an additional package is offered with.

Among other things, the following conditions can affect the new offering from Sky:

  • The closer the end of the contract moves, the more attractive the offer may be.
  • Also a long term of the Sky subscriptions in the past can have a positive effect on the terms of the new offer for the recovery.
  • Uses her already heavily discounted Sky offer of a special promotion, the Rückholangebot can be more expensive than in the previous contract period.
  • Offered Sky Packages
  • Contract term extension
  • Current price for new customers

Rückholangebote there not only for existing customers who have canceled their contract and wait for an end of the subscription period, but also for old customers who do not have a pay-TV subscription more for some time.

Sky Rückholangebote 2016: New prices and packages after termination

The encouragement of agency to reconsider your cancellation request again, may arrive with you either by phone or by letter or email. Usually the first offerings meet about 6 to 8 weeks before the end of the contract.

Sky Rückholangebote by phone, letter or e-mail

In retrieval services on the one hand, the monthly subscription price, which would result from a lack of termination, be adjusted downwards. Alternatively, you continue the Sky subscriptions with additional packages or other options will be made palatable at reduced costs.

Sky Rückholangebote 2016: New prices and packages after termination

If you have received a Rückholangebot Sky or want to be informed about current prices, terms and packages, please notify us in the comments. With us you also learn how to use Sky without receiver.

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