published fan-game in the style of Game Boy classics as a PC download: Pokémon Uranium

This week, the unofficial Pokémon game developed by fans appeared after nine years of development, game Pokémon uranium. Pokémon fans can download it for free for the PC and so benefit from a new, extensive adventure with new monsters and features.

published fan-game in the style of Game Boy classics as a PC download: Pokémon Uranium

If you find too simplistic Pokémon GO, but does not have a 3DS for the "right" Pokémon games, you shall rejoice now: Pokémon Uranium is a new Pokémon game in the classic style, playable on any Windows PC. Of course, this is not an official release, but a fan project. This makes the finished, extensive game but even more impressive. Here you can see the launch trailer:

29937Pokemon Uranium: New Full Game Trailer - Explore Tandor Region

Pokemon Uranium includes a region called Tandor with more than 150 new Pokemon and new mutant by radioactivity forms of classical Pokemon. The latter could never happen in the official Pokémon games well. What of those remains, are the eight Gym Leaders that need to defeat it. There are also in Pokémon Uranium before the Rotom-Pokédex in Pokémon sun & Moon a device that translates the calls of the Pokémon in human language. The wiki for the game you will find all other features and details of the story.

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Nine years has worked the small development team under the direction of two Pokémon fans of Pokémon uranium. The day before yesterday Version 1.0 was finally ready. Since the servers are running hot &# 8211; Pokémon Uranium is in such demand that the rush of Pokémon fans has temporarily paralyzed the website of the game.

She is now accessible again, however, and you can Pokémon Uranium download free. If you are interested in the game, you should strike quickly, because Nintendo is not necessarily to speak to feel good games to their own series; quite possible that soon legal action.

If you would rather want an official game, you can here Pokémon sun & Pre-moon*

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