Android Data Transfer – Mac, Windows & amp; Apple devices

To quickly send data such as movies, music or text documents from an Android smartphone or tablet to a computer or other smart phone, there are several possibilities. Wireless and wired solutions are available for the file transfer to choose from.

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In this video, we have collected a few tips if your Android phone is not detected on your PC.

With the ever-increasing memory cards and internal memory of smartphones, the size and number of files increases housed there. If you want to transfer them quickly to a computer (Mac or Windows), the wired data transfer with a USB cable, although the most common, but also a cumbersome solution.

In addition to the wired, there are also wireless solutions that enable the synchronization of files or the transfer of individual data to a specific device. It does not matter whether it is a These transfer to a smartphone, tablet, Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

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Wired Data Transfer with an Android device

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The wired file transfer to a computer running Windows, Linux or Mac operating system is very simple. For this connects her your Android smartphone or tablet with only a USB cable and plugged it to on your computer.

Windows and Linux users can access to the USB jack on this by simply connecting their Android device, Mac users need to install a program for this purpose, that is available on the Android platform. After installing the tools can be as usual access to the folders of the mobile terminal with the search engines operating system.

Do you want to transfer data wirelessly with your Android device? Suitable solutions can be found on the second page!


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