terminate XING Premium: template, Terms & more info

XING Premium Membership offers many advantages, including cost up but money. If you can live without the premium features of XING, you can of course cancel the membership again. How it works, what you have to observe her and what steps are necessary we tell you in this guide.

terminate XING Premium: template, conditions & amp; further information

XING is for many the social professional Nerzwerk at all. Since 2003, one can at the Web service write down his skills and his own career and in return receives a professional network, business contacts and opportunities and opportunities to pursue new goals and tasks. With the XING Premium Membership can still extend the functionality of XING and so understand, for example, who has called their own profile, sending messages to non-contacts, use an improved job search and benefit from other advantages of partners.

The Premium Membership comes here in the form of a subscription, which you either for 3 or 12 months can complete and which then respectively 9.99 euros, or 7.99 euros a month costs. Who is, however, no longer needs the extra features or not convinced XING may terminate Premium, this is true but several things to consider.

terminate XING Premium: The cancellation conditions

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works for an online service cancellation policy of XING still relatively archaic, if you have completed the premium membership via the website or a partner. If so, you need your notice in time three weeks before the end of the subscription period Submit. Announced in due time her to a premium membership to the completed period, so depending on the subscription by a further 3 or 12 months extended.

Upon termination of your premium membership you've got to, but do not worry about your profile. This is not deleted when terminating contracts, but only to the free basic membership runtergestuft. If you end your membership with XING completely and remove your profile from the social network want, you can read our articles about this: Delete XING profile: Here, the account can be removed.

Wide modern works the notice if you have completed your premium membership through one of the XING apps on your Android or iOS device. Here you can the Cancel subscription directly in the respective app store, which usually works even up to 24 hours before the expiry of the subscription period.

to terminate Cancellation form to XING Premium

In order for the termination of your premium membership as simple as possible going out of hand, we have provided for you here a possible template that need to expand their only your personal information (name, address, registered e-mail address) and then through one of the passes below options to XING.

Termination of the Premium Membership

Dear XING team,

I hereby cancel my XING Premium Membership deadline at the earliest opportunity.

Please send me a written confirmation of the termination, indicating the completion time point. A touch your part for the purpose of returning Advertising is not desired.

Best regards

&# 8230;

XING Premium termination can you either via the contact form on the side of the &# 8220; business Facebooks&# 8221 ;, by Fax to +49 40419131-11 or by post to following address Send:

Dammtorstraße 30
20354 Hamburg

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