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On the big game trade show E3 2016 Microsoft Xbox Design Lab announced. So you can design your own Xbox One controller itself and make. We show you in this article how you can create your own Xbox One controller and especially how much you cost the service of Xbox One.

With the Xbox Design Lab can make it your own Xbox One controller. Here you have many options, colors and shapes to you creatively live out. The service is currently not yet available in Germany. For this reason, we will show you in this article also alternatives on. You want to know What is the Xbox Design Lab actually? We also tell you in the next few paragraphs.

See here the E3 trailer for the Xbox Design Lab:

3194Xbox Design Lab: Xbox Wireless Controller - E3 2016 - E3 TrailerStart Photogallery(10 images)These 9 special Xbox games have been forgotten

Designing Xbox One controller itself &# 8211; Xbox Design Labs

About 8 million options you offer the Xbox One controller configurator Xbox Design Labs. As part of the E3 2016 Microsoft has announced this service, with which you can color the analog sticks, ABXY buttons, D-pad, shoulder buttons and the housing. In future you shall have more to customize Xbox Design Labs &# 8211; perhaps even your own Xbox console.

You want your Xbox One controller make yourself? With Xbox Design Labs is now possible.You want your Xbox One controller make yourself? With Xbox Design Labs is now possible.
  • Xbox Design Labs is under the E3 2016 been announced.
  • Each controller is handmade.
  • Xbox Design Labs provides only the USA, after Canada and Puerto Rico. The worldwide delivery should 2017 respectively.
  • The controller is dollar 79.99 costs.
  • You can even an individual engraving Insert that costs $ 9.99.
  • When the service own Xbox One controller sends to Germany, is still unclear.

now designed your own Xbox One controller on Xbox Design Labs*

The site is not available in German, and also you can not even appoint and provide the controller to Germany. This did not prevented from developing some designs themselves. The result can be seen by clicking on the Picture gallery:

Gallery make Xbox One controller itself: Our creations

  • (Figure 1.18):
  • (Figure 2.18):
  • (Figure 3.18):
  • (Figure 4.18):
  • (Figure 5.18):
  • (Figure 6.18):
  • (Figure 7.18):
  • (Figure 8.18):
  • (Figure 9.18):
  • (Picture 10/18):
  • (Figure 11.18):
  • (Figure 12.18):
  • (Picture 13/18):
  • (Picture 14/18):
  • (Picture 15/18):
  • (Picture 16/18):
  • (Picture 17/18):
  • (Picture 18/18):

Alternatives to Xbox Design Labs

In Germany there are quite few alternatives, to design around its own Xbox One controller. The shops that could do we find, offer more Skins at. This is to stickers. So you have your controller to either send in, so it can be pasted or directly purchased one with skin it. The following shops offer the service:

  • GameTec Stylez: Here you will find stickers for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and even Xbox One controller. Specially designed controllers here cost from 74 euros.
  • Custom-forged: In this shop, get their skins, which can make it with your own photos. A skin costs from 13 euros.
  • Evil Controllers (USA): This shop delivered by FedEx so that your controller is within 3 working days since. There are several color variants.
  • The Controller Shop (USA): The controller shop offers you a huge selection of designed controllers of the company. but you can also make its own controller.

Read on us, as its streaming quality from the Xbox One to the Pc on &# 8220; Very High&# 8221; can raise and how their apps and games finished in the background.

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