What’s jusched.exe – and it’s safe?

In Windows Task Manager, or in the Startup management, there are many processes that are activated after each restart of Windows, however, can not be assigned right away. One of these Windows tasks follows the "jusched.exe". What makes this application and you can turn this hesitation?

What's jusched.exe - and it's safe?

In jusched.exe is no virus and no harmful process. Much more runs the Java Update Scheduler here, which is added after the installation of Java to the startup services.

process nameJava Update Scheduler

What's jusched.exe?

Especially Internet applications such. run as a browser that rely on Java. The Java Update scheduler, or jusched.exe checked regularly for updates to Java exist. Because virtual threats are found in Java repeatedly in the past, it is recommended not to disable the update scheduler to keep the application up to date. Otherwise, it is easy resourceful hackers to exploit vulnerabilities versions in outdated Java to inject as viruses and Trojans on PCs with deactivated "jusched".

jusched EXE screenshotThe Java Update scheduler, or jusched.exe automatically checks for updates to the Java software available

You can disable jusched.exe?

Although the process usually runs in the background and is also harmless, it still takes about 2.5 MB of RAM memory. To get rid of this ballast in memory, the jusched.exe can also be disabled. For this you open the "Run" function in Windows, and give there "msconfig". Seek out the "Starting Up" link. There you can remove and confirm the change with "OK" the box "jusched". After restarting Windows, the setting is accepted and the process "jusched.exe" not open automatically.

, Noted here, however, that your computer no longer automatically checks for updates of Java available. Using an old version of Java is not recommended for safety reasons. Have you "jusched.exe" the process away from the startup, you should regularly check manually whether a new version of the Java software is present.

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