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The action adventure LEGO Marvel Avengers will host over 200 Charaktern. With cheats you get even more characters and new vehicles with which you can roar through the open game world. What cheat codes you can enter at LEGO Marvel Avengers, you see in this guide.

As in previous LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, it is also possible in LEGO Marvel Avengers, Cheats enter. In LEGO adventure is meant by cheats but no manipulation of the game, for example, to get more money. Instead, you get 21 new characters as Vehicles, such as a jet. The codes for LEGO Marvel Avengers work for all versions of the game &# 8211; also for the 3DS version.

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14390LEGO Marvel Avengers (Jan 2016)

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Cheats unlock new characters

In LEGO Marvel Avengers turned her Cheats in three different ways-free:

  1. Embark to you Manhattan and searches for the red S.H.I.E.L.D. console (In Central Park, near the lake).
  2. opens the menu in the &# 8220; Free Game&# 8221; mode and click here to Set code.
  3. Give in Rooms of Collectors the code on the console.
  4. Do you use a 3DS, you have to click the menu and go to Tools. Give the codes here.

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After that you see a view in which you six digits can enter. you all know cheats, switched her various characters and vehicles free. The figure that you have just selected, converts instantly into the activated character whose cheat or code you entered it.

now give one the right cheat for LEGO Marvel Avengersnow give one the right cheat for LEGO Marvel Avengers

Cheats and codes for LEGO Marvel Avengers

The following Cheats you have to enter in the console to new Characters and vehicles in LEGO Marvel Avengers to obtain:

Character / vehicleCheat
Iron Man Mark 33 (Silver Centurion)4AKZ4G
Amadeus Cho3ZDB2W
Mini Quinjet9KFJ7A
Thunder StrikeJWRGP4
Count NefariaZNCK2S

In addition to these codes, there are also two Cheats, with which you can bring about the effects of red bricks in LEGO Marvel Avengers:

  • 5MZ73E: more quickly to build composed and LEGO objects
  • JYJAFX: all Minikits in the level of the free world find means of detector

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You want to know how the characters and vehicles look like? Then you looked at the following YouTube video at. You seek instead nor all &# 8220; Stan Lee in danger&# 8221; -Fundorte, we have another elsewhere Guide for you.

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