Mass Effect – Andromeda: Next Mission & quot; disease & quot; explained piece by piece

With a disease of the special kind you get it in Mass Effect: Andromeda with the side mission &# 8220; disease&# 8221; to do. Here you go to a mysterious viral infection that could endanger the life in her new home properly. 

The side mission &# 8220; disease&# 8221; is full Decisions. In Mass Effect: Andromeda you will still have to make some of these considerations that determine life and death. Depending on how you choose, loved ones have died. In the side quest &# 8220; disease&# 8221; are confronted her with such a history and must you decide want to influence what kind of life her.

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In addition to mission &# 8220; disease&# 8221; start and talk to all on the Nexus

  • Mission Type: Heleus task &# 8211; Nexus
  • Activation: in the course of the mission &# 8220; The Hunt for the Archon&# 8221; (Kadara must be freely accessible)
  • Mission Start: E-mail on the Tempest, then in the public area of ​​the Nexus

The side mission begins very simply. You get a Email Nexus boss Dunn, the you ask for a conversation. This happens only after you have triggered the upper activation conditions. Now go to Docking bay of the Nexus, For the e-mail arrives in your mailbox.

& Quot; disease & quot; can seem a bit threatening the Nexus.&# 8220; disease&# 8221; can seem a bit threatening the Nexus.

After you read you email, you have to Habitationsdeck Hyperion. Speak here with Captain Dunn. She explains to you the details of the side mission. Here is an aunt of a colleague of the doctor Harry. The clerk of the physician has brought his aunt from the Kryoschlaf without knowing that she carries a viral disease in itself, the end stage highly infectious and deadly is. This situation is forcing Ryder to trigger not panic and above all to ensure that it undergoes no.

In all the conversations you have to make sure that Director Tann learns nothing from the rare disease. This circumstance also would cause a panic on the Nexus!

We continue with Harry on the Kryostation Hyperion. He told you that it no cure for TH-314, as the disease is officially known, are. You already schwant evil while having her Dr. Carlyle speak. The only positive: it is not yet at the stage at which the disease is contagious. So, Ryder has yet to find her enough time.

Now you have a find immigration officer, of you can tell where the aunt is located. The quest marker will not show you where it is located. Addiction is best compared to the docking bay of the Tempest. The chart below will show you where the officer is usually to be found.

The officer can be found opposite the docking bay.The officer can be found opposite the docking bay.

Speak with the staff and does not trigger panic. Then you have the scan Phantom of the Sick, to find out where they could stay. So you now scans the entire area. Overall, you can find six phantoms.

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Now you've got to talk to some people in the bar, which you can tell more about the sick. Therefore, talking to the bartender Dutch, the salarians Lator Valon, standing at the bar and with Lexi, the Asari of your ship in a niche. Danger: In some circumstances, you can talk to the salarians. In this case, you still get all the information on the Quest. Do you want no panic trigger should choose their options following conversation:

mass-effect-Andromeda disease-panic


If you opt for the panic Lator will call the nephew of the sick. Talking to him he will also know who you are. That should you but avoid, which is why you should take a decision for the yellow course of the conversation. Now you have to talk to Teron. Is this in Addison office (command center of the Nexus) and looking at the front desk by the window after him. Now you just need to Samuel speak. It is located on a Bench in front of the door of the cultural center (Docking bay).

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Shuttle on Kadara, investigation and resolution

Once you have collected all the information you need to search the Andromeda Galaxy. The path leads you to finally Kadara. Make your way to the quest marker in Kurinths valley and examined the shuttle. In addition, you will find a cockpit recorder. Listen to the shooting to far North west the Map to discover a NavPunkt. now scan the environment, looking for footprints. The path leads you into a building.

Scans the points that the quest marker indicating you.Scans the points that the quest marker indicating you.

Tip: Take Jaal with as a companion to obtain additional information about the enemies that will attack you soon. In order to divert the fire from Ryder, you should the Tech ability &Attack gun; # 8220&# 8221; activate and set up right on the ramp to the building.

Defeat the Roekaar and scans the system. In the bottom floor you will find a container with objects and two data pads that will be &Contamination space; # 8220&# 8221; and &# 8220; Medical Report&# 8221; call. Then it goes up one level. You open the door and already offers you an unsightly appearance. Without spoiling big, we just say: you have another take serious decision. If you opt for the path of struggle, let her not go the leaders and Ruth dies. Let her go to the leaders, however, Ruth will survive and you get 73 ALP &# 8211; So more than average for a side mission. How else you get to ALP and thus can increase your vitality, we tell you elsewhere. Do you want more information to decide you better, you should in the first building, where you will find the data pads, scan each equipment.

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