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You want the new part of the Tomb Raider saga play, but does not have XBox One? You're not sure whether it is worthwhile to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox 360? We tell you in this article why you do not have to wait for the version for PC or Playstation: The load-gen version is namely playful and visually absolutely amazing!

Rise of the Tomb Raider: why the Xbox 360 version a bead

For a week Rise of the Tomb Raider is on the market. but Playstation and PC gamers looking for some time in the tube because Microsoft could time exclusively secure the rights to the title. For this reason, the second part of the new franchise will initially only for the Xbox One and the XBox 360th

Now, it is this: In many cases, gamers who do not have a current gen console annoyed that games for the last generation to be unloving and significantly ported worse than the developers could. Games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor show us that the difference between the generations in graphical view can be enormous. Buyer of last-gen version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 even have to completely abandon the single player campaign!

In the case of Rise of the Tomb Raider, however, a very different version offers: We want to show you here why it pays to buy the game for the Xbox 360, if you are not in possession of an Xbox One.

Here you will find our detailed test to Rise of the Tomb Raider!

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With attention to detail

Graphics are not everything! Nevertheless graphics for players is a key reason to buy a game or to make it up. Of course, there is a graphical difference between the generations. Anything else would be an indictment of the Xbox One. Each load-gen owner can probably live with that the game just is not as beautiful and opulent look on his console, as on the current generation.

Often you realize, unfortunately, that ports are very carelessly designed. No attempt is made to optimize the games. For this reason, new games often act on the predecessors graphically poor have appeared exclusively for the last gene as the last adventure. It acts as if the &# 8220; old&# 8221; Consoles are only served to still dusting a bit of profit. Games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4 or Dragon Age: Inquisition show us a large discrepancy in the port of the new to the old consoles.


Rise of the Tomb Raider takes a different approach: You call an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 4 your own? No need to wait, because Last gene is Good gene! The exclusivity also gave enough reasons to developers to deploy additional staff for the 360 ​​port. For this reason, the graphics of Rise of the Tomb Raider just looks much better than might have been expected.

The differences between the One and the 360 ​​can be found mainly in detail, because here the new generation has it much more basic. Better shades, better edge, more details characterize the current gen version. The nice thing is still that the 360 ​​version feels good! while playing you realize the record that was already thinking of the 360 ​​owners in the development. So for a long time we feel finally back the affection of a burden gene that has accompanied us for so many years.

This affection can be felt even in the cut scenes again. It is, in fact pre-rendered video files &# 8211; with XBox One footage. Thus, the cut scenes seen on the 360 ​​almost exactly the same, as on the Xbox One. Actually a no-brainer, right? So simple, so effective.

Does the 360 ​​version also benefits?

If you look at a variety of side-by-side looks you even recognize some places that the version may look better for the 360th This is surprising, since it lags example, in aspects such as the resolution. During the game for the XB0x One in Full HD, so 1080p can be played the 360 ​​version has just the 720p. Of course, this makes it a bit blurry and you can see more pixels, but see some small details by other effect settings simply look better.


In some places the gamer the XBox One wish probably that some graphics settings, would have been pulled low so that the frame rate would remain constant. Because is the biggest shortcoming of the current graphic that she indeed looks much better on the One, but in contrast to the last-gen version, the frame rate in a few moments but very stutters.

The XBox 360 has, in addition to the more constant FPS number, but another advantage with the no one would have expected: This surprisingly does not refer to the graphics, but to the control. While gamers complain on the XBox One, that the camera work with delay responding, the camera of the 360 ​​version is much faster and more directly. We do not know why that is the case, but maybe a patch of the current gen version provides remedy soon. The difference can be noted in a direct comparison of course the most.

In the big picture you have of course say that the XBox One version is graphically better and more detailed, because everything else would be a defeat for the XBox One. Nevertheless, fans of Lara can rest in the adventure on the XBox 360 rush without having to accept excessive limitations of the graphic. Has her so no XBox One and do not want to wait another year? Then get the 360 ​​version and enjoy the game without Einbußungen!

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