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Most peripheral devices are now connected via USB to the PC when it makes so zicken can lead to serious problems for the user. If you have 10, 8.1 or 7 problems with the USB controller or its drivers on Windows, you will find in this guide some solutions, tips and tricks to tackle the problem.

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The USB controller and USB host controller is responsible for the organization of the USB ports. It makes for a correct sequence of pending commands via the interface and is therefore essential to ensure that all USB devices can be used without problems on the PC.

If you have problems with USB devices to your computer, but Windows does not point you specifically to the lack of a driver, the USB controller is often just hung up or there is a problem with the hardware. With the tips and tricks in the next paragraph you can eliminate back often quickly this problem. However, should you have a problem with the installed drivers have or have not installed any driver itself, you can skip to the next paragraph.

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USB controller &# 8211; solve problems

If the USB controller is causing problems, this has not always directly related to the driver. If only a particular device is not detected, should you try the following first.

  • Possibly the USB cable used has a cable break. Here you can the appropriate device, for example with another USB cable.
  • Trying to connect the device to a different computer or laptop. Does it work here also not, it is not on your PC, but on the external device that you connect attempts.

If multiple USB devices no longer work correctly, But you get no indication of a missing or faulty driver, it could be that the USB controller has hung. If this selection is as follows:

  1. Ride your PC down and remove any attached USB devices.
  2. Now pull the power plug and let the PC for 60 Skunden off completely.
  3. then closes the electric plug back in and ride the PC high.
  4. If you are on the Windows interface, the USB devices includes sequentially again and try out this.If after connecting one of the devices again all USB devices cause problems, a hardware malfunction on this unit might be impaired.

In some cases you can the USB controller hereby again &# 8220; calm&# 8221 ;. If this does not work, is perhaps but a driver issue before or have the appropriate drivers simply. How do you fix this, you read the next section.

USB Controller: driver problems & installation

Usually, Windows should be able to find the appropriate driver for your USB controller automatically and install nowadays. Nevertheless, various circumstances (corrupted files, corrupted file structures or settings, etc.) may cause a problem with the driver occurs. To make your set this to zero, you can try:

  1. uninstall USB controller driverPresses the key combination Windows + R key.
  2. Give one in emerging Run window following command: devmgmt.msc
  3. Once in the Device Manager, you work on the category USB controller.
  4. The faulty controller should appear with a yellow warning icon here.
  5. Right-click on it and click Uninstall.
  6. (Optional) If there is no uninstall to choose from, embark in the properties of the USB controller. Here goes on the Driver tab and then click the Uninstall button.
  7. Start your computer. Windows should now search for a suitable driver and automatically install it.


Although this step was not helpful or Windows could not find a suitable driver automatically, you have to lend a hand and install the appropriate drivers. Especially when upgrading to Windows 10, it may happen that certain drivers are not found automatically or they may even do not exist for the current Microsoft operating system. In this case, you can try to install the drivers for Windows 8.1 or seventh

Often a setup CD is in your computer or the motherboard, which contains all the necessary drivers. Should you can not find it, or if it is out of date due to the age of the system, you can watch the USB controller driver and other important driver simply download from the side of your laptop or motherboard manufacturer. The appropriate driver is, when you eingebt the type designation of your laptop or motherboard with the appropriate manufacturer's website.

Should you do not know what motherboard is installed in your computer, you can help the small but highly useful program CPU-Z. Exactly how it works, we erläutetert the following article: Which motherboard I have?

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