Anonymous on Facebook: Real or Fake?

Recently, the hacker collective Anonymous has announced plans to compete with ISIS to war. After a few days, several Twitter profiles of ISIS-trailers and -members have already been excavated. The step of Anonymous was quite well received, so that many users have left on Facebook Like her on the German-language site with the entsprechendne name. But not everywhere "Anonymous" on the outside, seems to be in it as "Anonymous".

Anonymous on Facebook: Real or Fake?

If one looks with a German Facebook profile to "Anonymous" on Facebook, it is the first search result page from "Anonymous collective" with more than one million fans. At first glance it seems to have found the right offer, but at the latest after a review of two, three contributions should be skeptical.

Anonymous accounts at Facebook

Anonymous works covered since its early days, an official hierarchy or see through structures do not exist. Comparing the ideals of real Anomyous group with the content, which can be found on the Facebook page, a content scissors enormous opens up. In a YouTube video distancing oneself in the name of Anonymous-Germany of the contents of the Facebook page. Here one emphasizes itself: "This site has absolult NOTHING (more) to do with Anonymous".

First, the page yet started under the original Anonymous intentions. At several points in the network is noted, however, that behind the Anonymous collective on Facebook no appearance of actual Anonymous movement was to be found. The page has indeed started with the same intentions, a single admin but other site operators should have removed and thus the performance claims for itself. It is striking that the more right-wing content of the German "Anonymous" -Auftrittes strong untescheiden the social network of other sites under the title "Anonymous".


Anonymous on Facebook: activists distance themselves

The original Anonymous group found in 2008 in pictures forum 4chan together. This resulted in a serious accumulation of IT specialists, which campaigns for freedom of speech and independence of the Internet as well as to various organizations, led by Scientology and government agencies developed. In various online actions actions were launched against the websites of credit card companies MasterCard and VISA in the past. The RTL to have been target of Anonymous, the same name, but there was also a clear position against the &# 8220; Operation RTL&# 8221 ;.

Anonymous on Facebook: Real or Fake?

Of course, there is no central point or statements regarding the Facebook pages, after which one occurs without public hierarchy. could also mark the "Anonymous" is not protected, so that in theory everyone open a Facebook channel under this title and fill with aligned according to individual interests contents. Even when Twitter was stressed that there is no official Anonymous account.


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