Open XML files and edit how it should work

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The XML file format is one of the most powerful file formats, which are reflected in the current software world. so XML called a markup language (eXtensible Markup Language), which are with information structured and is a continuation of HTML, which u. a. is used for viewing Web pages. XML files are used to exchange data between applications quickly and easily.

Open XML files and edit how it should work

The contents of XML files are based on simplem text. So könnnt open their XML files by its use as a standard browser such as Google Chrome or an ordinary text editor.

Open XML files: A conventional text editor is enough

Because the files, however, are highly structured in XML format, as a rule, you will, for in a normal text editor. B. explore the Windows Notepad, only confusing data gibberish. However, targeted search for specific data and to change them in the file, the text program enough anyway. Advanced programs like PSPad editor are familiar with the XML syntax and thus provide for. For example, a color marking, in order to separate the individual data strings from one another. In addition, can be found in many advanced editors such. As Notepad ++ various tools by which display XML files cleaner and easier to edit.

Open XML FileAt first glance, an XML file after opening is very confusing

Open XML files and create your own with the Oxygen XML Editor

A much more powerful tool to open XML files create, or edit, the oXygen XML Editor provides. Here you can be represented in a tree you single XML strings, change various parameters and conjure additional style sheets. These style sheets, the deserts XML data collections can be presented visually appealing, eg. As in an HTML file. However, profound knowledge of the markup language XML required for intensive work with XML. An overview of the possibilities and the various commands in XML, as well as the cooperation of the XSLT stylesheet, including XPath provides a comprehensive new XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 by Michael Kay *Open XML files and edit how it should work.

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