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RoboCopy GUI is a graphical interface for the powerful copy tool RoboCopy hiding largely unknown since Vista in the operating system of Windows. Through this interface, the operation of the command-line program is much easier.

RoboCopy is a command line program we must be controlled with parameters, of which there is for the program seemingly endless. Definitely more than you can remember usually. Because that makes the work very hard with the very useful tool in itself, have already tried several programmers to a surface with which one can click together the different parameters, so to speak.

For the many parameters of RoboCopy you need a GUIFor the many parameters of RoboCopy you need a GUI

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, which means Graphical User Interface. And when the freeware program RoboCopy GUI offers. However, it is limited to the core functions that relate primarily to copy and Umbewegen large file and folder structures on different drives away.

The SH RoboCopy GUI provides us with some basic functions for clickingThe SH RoboCopy GUI provides us with some basic functions for clicking

So the English-language program is not a complex control of RoboCopy, but rather can cover only small portions. Moreover, one should I have at least once engaged briefly with the parameters of RoboCopy to understand what options offers us this tool.

Tip: Before you can get started, the user must under &# 8220; Options&# 8221; specify the path to RoboCopy. The program file is usually found in C: \ Windows \ System32 Robocopy.exe. A 64-bit version is found in C: \ Windows \ SYSWOW.

The required parameters can be can be listed when you RoboCopy with the /? Starts. Then the tool lists all possible parameters &# 8211; partially with examples. RoboCopy we can start at any time if we only under &# 8220; Start &# 8211; perform&# 8221; Enter cmd to get a command line. In which we can then Robocopy &# 8211; followed by various parameters &# 8211; enter. Between upper and lower case no distinction is made here.


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