iPhone: Insert a memory card – is that possible?

Through many videos, photos, music, apps and more of memory and comes with the phone often to its limits. On most Android devices, you can remedy the situation quickly by equipping the device with an additional microSD card. But what about when a memory card in an iPhone, for example. As the new iPhone wants to use 7 - is that possible?

Who just want to expand the storage capacity of its iPhones with an SD card quickly and, at the limits of the Apple flagship. Inserting an SD card into the iPhone is not possible, Apple has not provided the use of additional storage media.

iPhone 7 at Apple*

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iPhone and SD card: Is that possible?

Apple offers only in every generation iPhone different models that come with different storage capacities at the factory. The iPhone 7 there are about with the following capacities:

  • 32 GB
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB

Who therefore always dragged a bunch of songs, movies and more on their mobile device, should consider before buying a new iPhone if it does not spend a few more euros to zuzulegen a model with a larger internal memory. A subsequent extension is not provided. Lest this also our comment: With the iPhone 7 to unimagined heights memory &# 8211; Thanks Apple!

iPhone: Insert a memory card - is that possible?*

use iPhone with Memory Card: How it works

Who wants to use a memory card with an iPhone, but can make do some detours. There are several microSD card reader, which are connected via the Lightning port to the iPhone. In the card reader can insert an ordinary microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 GB. So you can store his collection of photos and more on the external storage medium. The access works via a separate app.

iAccess reader at Amazon*

iPhone: Insert a memory card - is that possible?The iAccess reader for the Lightning port.

Anyone who wants to install an additional device to the Lightning port, is also a WiFi card reader over which can be manufactured to an SD card, a wireless access to photos, videos and more. The card reader is suitable not only for use with an iPhone, but also works with Android smartphones, Kindle Fire devices and more.

WiFi card reader from Amazon*

Conclusion: Even if Apple has provided on delivery of its equipment not using memory cards, you can read data from microSD card via a detour with iPhones. Very comfortable the workaround is not true, the move but you do not give up its data library on iPhone.

Elsewhere, we have other tips that you can extend the iPhone memory.

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