Pokémon GO: Great update addresses the footsteps bug and brings further improvements

Another update for Pokémon GO has landed in the Play Store. This brings a number of bug fixes and optimizations. So the developers have thought about the footprints bug nearby Pokémon.

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Version 0.31.0 various changes coming to the Pokémon Trainer. This includes changing one's appearance later option. Until now this was only possible during the initial setup of the game. The next major change includes the footprints that indicate all nearby Pokémon. Because this appeared for several days faulty and Pokémon have always shown with three steps away. However, the reaction of the developer was not up to a bit left: The fix looks like namely that said feature was summarily removed as part of the update from the game. Further changes:

  • Adaptation of the damage values ​​of some Pokémon
  • changed damages in fighting
  • Revision of some Arena animations
  • Optimized memory management
  • Various bug fixes when catching wild Pokémon
  • Revision of the interface (Pokémon Details and medals images)

The update is distributed currently in stages over the Play Store and seems sure to take the necessary time. In our version 0.31.0 is regular not yet arrived. Who does not want to wait any longer, the appropriate APK to install manually. A reputable source for this would be, for example, APK Mirror.
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