Ozark: Season 2 ordered from Netflix – Bateman about the future of the series

"Ozark" has only recently started to Netflix and is now dubbed already by many as "the new Breaking Bad". Netflix treats the series now a second season and produced and starred Jason Bateman has spoken already plans for the future of the series. All News and rumors about Ozark Season 2, we summarize for you at this point.

Ozark Season 2 from Netflix confirmed

have the money laundering and drug drama Ozark will return next year for a second season as the colleagues of Variety from the first source (Netflix) experienced.

Ozark Season 2 is intended to - just like the first season of the series - a total of 10 episodes consist. An exact release date although there is not yet, but judging from the Netflix typical annual basis, should Ozark Season 2 to July 2018 around appear.

Ozark NetflixMeet the Byrdes: Jonah, Marty, Charlotte, Wendy // © Netflix

Jason Bateman of the series on the future

In an interview with the colleagues from the television magazine TV Movie actor spoke, Regiesseur and producer of Ozark, Jason Bateman, already on the future of the series. Thus, the relationship problems of Marty and Wendy should be deepened in season. 2 The relationship between the two protagonists was even before the money laundering problem, or how Bateman explains:

The two have a completely broken love story in any case.

The relationship would because of the highs, but especially the many lows provide enough material so that the interesting chemistry between the two characters will definitely serve for a main plotline in Season 2nd This is also already discussed with the writers of the show, as Bateman explained.

In the second season, however, Bateman wants that the series is more instead of it with him. Means: He wants to reduce the director working in a possible second season. In the first season he has been sitting for four episodes at the same time in the director's chair that had him personally for a Season 2 but a little too much:

I would rotate only the first two episodes. It usually just requires so much time that I was separated from my family. We live in Los Angeles, turn in Atlanta - as a director, it is for me not easy to fly between home.

Ozark - action

As a financial advisor, Martin "Marty" Byrde (Jason Bateman) has built up a relatively normal life. His wife Wendy (Laura Linney) is a housewife and mother, and together they have the 15-year-old daughter Charlotte and her 13-year-old son Jonah.

2139Ozark Season 1 - Official Trailer (Netflix)

The only problem: Marty washed with a colleague as a "little extra income" the money of a Mexican drug cartel and thereby betrayed this by several million. As the blows up, Marty comes from only by an insane deal with life: He wants to move to the Ozark Mountains (Missouri) and earn back from there with not quite kosher investment money from the drug lord.

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