use Netflix with Chromecast setup and installation

With Netflix next streaming service launched in autumn 2014 in Germany to max cathedrals, Amazon Instant Video and Co.. Who does not want to see on the PC screen the films and series, find some alternative ways to stream the image to another device.

Thus it is. B. also possible to use Netflix with Chromecast. Here you learn what you should consider it.

Chromecast apps for Android, that enhance the TV stick


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So you can set up Netflix Chromecast

  • Streaming Netflix Chromecast is for. B. directly via the Netflix app for Android or iPhone, or iPad.
  • Invite you the Netflix app for the device for free.
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Now you need to set up Netflix on the Chromecast stick.

use Netflix with Chromecast setup and installation


  1. Connecting Chromecast via HDMI to the TV.
  2. Connecting Chromecast to the wireless network.
  3. Ensures that the PC or the mobile device in the same Wi-Fi is logged.
  4. Now starts the Netflix app for Android or iOS.
  5. On the PC you open the Netflix website on the Google Chrome browser.
  6. After logging into your Netflix account you click on the cast icon in the upper or lower corner on the right side of the screen.
  7. Now you can select as a list of the Chromecast cast-cast logo
  8. Once selected, the image of Netflix streamed via Chromecast to your TV.
  9. now selects a movie, or series in which you want to see and click "Play".
  10. Sit on your couch, sit back and enjoy the Netflix stream from your PC, or Android or iPhone using Chromecast on your TV.

Netflix can be streamed on Chromecast at 1080p. This requires a sufficient speed Internet (at least 5 Mbit / s). With a Chromecast Ultra can stream shows and movies even in 4K on Netflix. For this, a speed of at least 25 Mbit / s is required. In addition, you can also subtitles, use other languages ​​and 5.1 surround sound with the HDMI stick.

use Netflix with Chromecast setup and installation

Netflix Chromecast: Installation

About the Netflix app you can the film as usual rewind, fast forward or pause. Even selecting a new serial sequence to be played via HDMI to the TV can be carried out with the app. If the stream from Netflix via Chromecast do not work, ensures that both the HDMI stick, and also streamed device on the same wireless pending.

With us you also learn how to use Sky Go with Chromecast. We also show you how you can stream images with Chromecast. In you can see which series and movies at Netflix and Co. are on offer.

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Netflix on Chromecast does not work?

Under certain circumstances it may be that the Chromecast icon will not appear in the Netflix app. Ensures that the HDMI stick is on. It is particularly important that the stick and the phone with the Netflix app on the same Wi-Fi are located. In addition, you should make sure that the app on the date. Also an outdated app may be responsible for ensuring that the Chromecast icon does not appear in Netflix. In addition, you should investigate the following if Netflix can not be connected via the Chromecast to your TV:

  • Ensures that no special characters in the name of the stick are located.
  • Ensures that the latest version of iOS or Android is installed on the mobile device.
  • Checks whether the WLAN is working properly.


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