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WhatsApp is indispensable in many smartphones. Quick and easy, you can send the app text and images to friends. in addition to the message itself some symbols can be found in the chat window. Sun can be found here from time to time about next to the text a watch. What does this watch in WhatsApp?

When a message is sent, you can see next to the text usually a catch. A check mark indicates that the message was sent, two gray hook suggest that the chat has arrived at the receiver. The hooks blue, your opposite has read the message. Sometimes, however, no check mark appears, instead, there is a watch to see.

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What does the clock in WhatsApp

Is displayed the clock icon, the message could not be sent and is therefore also not arrived at the destination. This can have several causes.

  • whatsapp watchUnder certain circumstances you have no Internet connection on the mobile device. Examines therefore if ye is in a dead spot, whether the wireless spins or whether a disorder in your network provider exists.
  • In many cases, it also helps to put the phone into airplane mode to reestablish after an Internet connection.
  • Also in your app, there may be problems. the phone will restart and check whether the problem still exists.
  • Even the WhatsApp servers are not immune to interference. At times it may happen that the server WhatsApp are down and no messages can be sent or received accordingly. Usually such major disruptions are resolved within a few hours. Until then, you have to wait you.

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Bathes the clock on, you do not send the message again. A new send attempt fails often. Once WhatsApp working again properly because as the Sever-fault has been rectified, the corresponding message will be sent automatically.

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