Nice stone: origin and meaning on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.

Not since the election of the youth word of the year 2017, the word "Nice Stone" can be heard here and there among teens and twenty-somethings. But what does "Nice Stone" and where did the term originate?

What does "Nice Stone"? - meaning of the word

Nice stone is neither a castle nor a place in Germany and no rock. But what does Nice stone now?

  • Nice stone is an exclamation that you say when something top / running perfectly and meets all requirements - as "fantastic!"

Do you want to express your enthusiasm and good humor, then you can do it from now on in the youth slang as "Nice Stone" try.

Examples of Nice Stone

not yet arrived quite the teen lingo? Then we have examples of the use of the word trend:

  • "The new series on Netflix is ​​really good. Nice stone! "
  • "I was invited to the kebab. Nice stone! "
  • "My favorite movie is yet to get a sequel. Nice stone!&# 8221;
  • "The contract I soon get the new phone. Nice stone!&# 8221;

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Where does Nice stone?

Michael Krogmann - Tonchef the Rocket Beans and band member on Mr. Cracker - is considered the inventor of "Nice Stone". The clever bean member has derived the word from the English "nice" (good).

Meanwhile, we find the word youth already in "100 percent Jugendsprache 2017*Nice stone: origin and meaning on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co."Pronunciation by Langenscheidt. And of course, already exist T-Shirts*Nice stone: origin and meaning on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co., GIFs and other implementations of the art word on the Internet.

With its own hashtag on Twitter you see on YouTube "Neues vom Schloss Nice Stone" - directly from the Rocket Beans source.

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Nice stone can be the youth word of the year 2017 - just like "vong". Do you use these expressions themselves? Or mulling it over another word that is thrown at you daily? Betray us in the comments.

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