Connect Sky receiver: Set-Up

Anyone who wants to receive the pay-TV program of Sky must connect a receiver provided by Sky available. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and you come quickly to benefit from Bundesliga, series and movies, you'll find instructions for installing and connecting the Sky receiver here.

The receiver you get from Sky for the duration of your subscription provided. Who wants to use the Sky program without receiver should take a look at the online tickets of the pay-TV provider. Alternatively, the reception of the Sky program is possible with an additional CI module.

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181427What is Sky Go?

When ordering the Sky subscriptions, it is important to indicate whether the TV signal comes into the house via cable or satellite.

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Connect Sky Receivers: How to&# 8217; s

Depending on the Sky subscription you have completed, there is in addition to the receiver, an external hard drive. These can be connected to the receiver to record programs from the Sky program and content of other available channels. The cable from the hard drive consists of three terminals, of which you put two in the receiver and the third, black end with the hard drive.

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Connect Sky receiver: Set-Up

  • If the hard drive once connected to the receiver, you now need to connect the TV to the Sky receiver.
  • The connection can be made either via SCART and HDMI. For optimal image quality, the device with an HDMI cable is recommended. The TV has to be marked at least with "HD ready". With us you will also find an overview of the differences in HDMI cables.
  • now plugged the power cord into the receiver and into the outlet.
  • Finally, the antenna cable into the appropriate socket on the receiver marked "CABLE IN" must be inserted. About "CABLE OUT" you have an alternative way of connecting the receiver to the TV.
  • To get started with the receipt nor the supplied smart card must be inserted into the appropriate slot on the front of the receiver. Make sure that the chip on the card faces down.
  • By the initial one has yet can unlock the Sky smartcard.

These connectors have the Sky receiver

now start the receiver and switched on the TV. The service menu for setting appears. About "Start Scan" you can be put together the program list. After completion of the search you can use the program by Sky. In addition, of course, the receiver offers the possibility to access to the other channels your cable package and the selected satellite. To keep track of the multitude of programs, you should sort the channels on Sky receivers.

Connect Sky receiver: Set-UpWith HDMI you bring the image and sound from the receiver to the TV.

If your TV does not have a SCART or HDMI connector, but z. B. uses a DVI connector, you can use an adapter to connect the Sky receiver to the TV. About the component terminal of the port is also available via the colorful multi-cable. With an S / PDIF cable or an RCA cable to the receiver with a can connect stereo system.

There is the option to join the Sky receiver to the Internet. This works through the Ethernet port on the back of the unit. For a wireless connection you need an additional wireless module from Sky or expanding its WLAN at home through a wireless repeater. If the receiver is connected to the Internet, you can click on "Sky on Demand" access and retrieve online Sky content.

If there are problems when connecting the Sky receiver or is defective, the receiver, you should contact the Sky hotline. With us you also learn what to consider when relocating to Sky.


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