& Quot; quot Important Message &; PayPal – Warning: Phishing e-mail!

The phishing attack on PayPal customers who just with the subject &# 8220; Important Message&# 8221; email making the rounds is very dangerous. Not only that the mail itself looks very authentic, it redirects on a site whose URL starts with Paypal.de. It is likely that this data theft attempt is not without success. Reason enough to warn you!

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In German mailboxes lands again increasingly accepting spam. At the same time next to the current &# 8220; Important Message&# 8221 ;, which we already know as Amazon customer data-phishing, is also just a &Security alerts; # 8220&# 8221; sent. All of these fake messages have in common is that they want to attract your personal data and your sensitive financial information from you. Because the links in these emails, which you shall follow to carry out a verification, lead to sites that were only for built abzufischen your data.

this is the email which is a forgery in the circumferential

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PayPal e-mail with the subject &# 8220; Important Message&# 8221 ;: Please enter any data!

Phishing is always perfect. The times in which we already knew from a distance due to the crude grammar and many misspellings that it is a scam are well over. Today, fake e-mails are sent as shown above, and because you have to as a user some basic things have internalized, otherwise you have little chance.

  1. Companies that have to do with your data, and particularly the banking information, send principle and ask you to follow an integrated link to the data input never such e-mails. No bank and no Internet payment service would ever ask such a thing of you.
  2. If you are you unsure if not perhaps irregularities or similar detected on your account, you can contact you directly to the company. All companies also have addresses that are designed specifically reporting such spam. PayPal this is [email protected]
  3. It is important that you are aware that it is seen as your task is to inform and protect you. In the case of fraud through phishing you have to expect from the companies and banks hardly damages. The case law assumes that ye be informed automatically about the dangers on the Internet and thus protects.

Do you follow the embedded link, you come to a site that is modeled on similar perfect the PayPal design, just as it did the mail. The URL is unfortunately very discreetly because it starts with PayPal.de. So who previously was not skeptical, which is now likely to perform the required data synchronization.

The input mask of fake paypal page

Many indications of deception can not be found here, but &# 8211; as with most phishing sites &# 8211; can click her down on Privacy, Terms and Conditions or imprint and ends up coming back to the same page. During our test, you could not click Next after entering, but that does not mean that the site basically does not work.

Also: Some of these site are designed so that they have the read along data already at the net post and the cyber criminals these data obtained when no confirmation button is clicked. That's why: Never insert valid data!

It is clear how useful a good virus and malware scanner, because that would also warn suit yourself when you call the site.

malicious website blocking the virensccanners

To log in to the real PayPal*

Data already entered on the fake PayPal page?

  • Immediately inform the party &# 8211; In this case, PayPal!
  • Immediately inform your bank or the bank!
  • Informed the police about the incident.
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