Outcast: When does Season 3?

On April 10, 2017, the second season of the US series Outcast starts on the pay-TV channel FOX. The transmitter Cinemax has renewed the series for a second before the broadcast of the first season. Therefore the question: Has the third season already ordered?

The horror series based on the eponymous comic book by Robert Kirkman. Probably one has responded with Outcast to an equally great success like The Walking Dead and therefore extended in advance. Also, The Walking Dead is based on a comic by Kirkman and is now in its seventh season.

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Outcast is continued?

To have a first in the information that the sender has not yet commented officially a third season. Following the broadcast of the first season is probably a bit afraid. we watch are therefore times the ratings of the first season for the USA at:

episodedate airedQuotas million
Outcast: When does Season 3?© FOX / Cinemax

is the only positive at these rates, they went off small and then developed in the course of both upward. Unfortunately, they again sank to the initial value of the first episode &# 8211; what is not the only disappointing: In principle, the ratings are very low. Here the odds of The Walking Dead for comparisonThe pilot episode followed 10,130,000 households on 23/08/2015. Although this value decreased during the first six episodes of 6,861,000, but with nearly 7 million viewers it still has a good value. Outcast can not keep up easily. Maybe that's the reason for the reluctance of the transmitter. Probably you just want to wait, only the odds of the second season. If an official statement will be announced, learn course of it here.

Outcast: When does Season 3?© FOX / Cinemax

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The raw material: The Comic

One end of Outcast would be especially so tragic because, enough material for a good story sequel is present with the comic on which the series is based. The writers would only content and characters of the comics translated into a series script. With the comic that many readers enjoys, one would have material for a few more seasons.


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